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AIBU to want Fullerton House to stop their staff smoking ...

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GranGran26 Wed 27-May-20 14:44:40

AIBU to want Fullerton House School to stop their staff smoking at the back of my house, their fumes wafting over the garden covering my washing and the grandkids swing set? I can’t enjoy a cuppa in peace outdoors anymore and feel like turning my hose pipe on them!
I know that would be unreasonable and classed as assault, even though water spray hurts no one, smoking fumes however hurt everyone and yet is not classed as an assault.....

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Obviouspretzel Wed 27-May-20 14:46:52

Well, have you politely asked them to ?

dudsville Wed 27-May-20 14:47:16

Speak with them!

Port1aCastis Wed 27-May-20 14:47:50

Have you told the school Head about the matter?

Inoneminute Wed 27-May-20 14:58:31

Have you spoken to the school? I don't know what kind of school this is, but we, as a very ordinary state school would definitely deal with this if we knew it was bothering the neighbours.

StrawBeretMoose Wed 27-May-20 15:01:51

Is it the one in Donny?
Have you asked them?

Puddlejuice Wed 27-May-20 15:04:06

Loads of people who work in mental health or learning difficulties smoke.
They probably aren't allowed off site for a break, and work with some very challenging events daily.
Id live and let live if I were you.

listsandbudgets Wed 27-May-20 15:05:17

Just phone them up and ask them? I'm sure they can find another location for their staff to smoke but if they don't know theres an issue they wont do anything

PolkaDotsPolka Wed 27-May-20 15:06:54

Have you spoken to the school?

GranGran26 Wed 27-May-20 16:08:27

I’ve spoken with the school twice but it still persists, they have been asked by management to walk up to the top of the car park as it joins on to their properties, but they don’t. I don’t judge smokers, I used to be one. If my young grandsons were able to visit this would be even worse, however Im 65 have copd and I’m shielding, shouldn’t I be able to enjoy my garden whilst the weathers nice?

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Likethebattle Wed 27-May-20 16:14:16

If they have been warned then I’d ‘accidentally’ hose them.

GranGran26 Wed 27-May-20 19:19:52


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nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Wed 27-May-20 19:21:32

Hose them. You were just washing your fence weren't you? Since it stinks of smoke.

Sciurus83 Wed 27-May-20 19:21:54

Call every time it happens, it will stop

CoffeeRunner Wed 27-May-20 19:26:19

So you have COPD & have politely asked them not to do this? And the school have agreed & told the staff to congregate elsewhere to smoke?

If I read that right you need to go back again to the Head (or her/his PA) and politely point out that nothing has changed re: staff smoking right by your garden & what would they like you do about it please?

Gwenisthename Wed 27-May-20 19:34:15

Can you email them and state you have already asked twice. Highlight about your health
Start leaving a paper trail
Say you will escalate it if nothing is done
You have tried being nice

GranGran26 Wed 27-May-20 19:56:52

I was advised to phone back if it keeps happening, the problem it turns out is that their usual smoking shelter has been removed due to building works and no provision has been made for their staff other than the car park out back of ours, where they’ve taken to standing barely inside, causing me problems. These works are to go on for the summer at least so they would do well to provide their staff with a well deserved sheltered seating area (preferably at the top of said car park) where they can sit, socialise and relax.
It’s a simple solution but the suggestion wasn’t at all welcomed, I will keep pushing it though because it’s not fair on the staff of said school nor me.

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isadoradancing123 Wed 27-May-20 20:12:41

A bit of smoke wafting over the fence isnt going to kill you, ffs there are more important things to worry about at the moment

GranGran26 Thu 28-May-20 09:57:43

4-6 people smoking within feet of me is causing me health problems, Im tied down shielding and have severe COPD.... ffs!

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Keepingitschtum Thu 28-May-20 10:10:53

You can't stop people smoking outside in the open. Get over it

SimonJT Thu 28-May-20 10:15:10

The school likely have social media, if they are ignoring you despite calls to the school post directly on their social media and include the fact that staff know you have COPD.

I’m a smoker, it really isn’t difficult to stand somewhere that doesn’t impact on others.

iklboo Thu 28-May-20 10:18:28

* You can't stop people smoking outside in the open. Get over it*

She's not asking them to stop. She's asking them to be considerate and move away from her fence.

Keepingitschtum Thu 28-May-20 10:21:14

Sorry but I think YABU, if you don't like it go inside. I'm sure the million BBQS a day are also affecting your condition, are you asking them to stop?

iklboo Thu 28-May-20 10:23:37

* Sorry but I think YABU, if you don't like it go inside.*

Why should she? Why can't they stand somewhere else?

Keepingitschtum Thu 28-May-20 10:25:26

Because people are allowed to stand wherever they like! When you buy a house you don't automatically get to dictate what happens around the perimeter

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