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Bloody Admiral car insurance! What do I do?!

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HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 27-May-20 11:27:40

I've been calling and online talking to Admiral car insurance trying to get them to update my years of no claims because I've got a new policy starting with someone else who needs the proof.

Admiral can see I have 3 years. I've got NO proof!

Most uptodate document is from November last year.

They say they can see it their end. Helpful 🤨

I've emailed, called and online chatted and STILL they haven't sent me the proof.

What do I do?!

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AuntieDolly Wed 27-May-20 11:28:55

Have you got an online account with them? You can print off your own documents.

HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 27-May-20 11:31:08

I would love it.

But they aren't up to date.

That's the problem.

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penguinsbegin Wed 27-May-20 11:37:14

I haven't had a physical copy of my no claims certificate for at least 5 years. It's all electronic. It should be up to your new insurer to source it from previous insurers. Is the 3 years not up to date? How many years to you actually have?

I'm sure this is silly but is Admiral definitely your most recent insurer, not the one before? I say that because I quite often forget who I'm with. I change every year and only contact I ever have is a few emails when I first sign up so easy to forget.

HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 27-May-20 11:39:54

I'm not sure how else to say it.

I have no up to date proof of my no claims.
Be it physical or electronic (I don't need a physical one).

My new insurance company want proof of my no claims.

Admiral have an old document from 2019 saying 2 years, they said they can see its 3 years and I should be able to see that too.

But I cant.

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imsooverthisdrama Wed 27-May-20 11:48:39

How odd , I used to be with admiral just changed recently and it was all online .
I'm sorry I honestly don't understand how admiral can see it's 3 years but you can't .
The no claims is always on the renewal document is it not ?

SciFiScream Wed 27-May-20 13:08:17

Are you looking online? If yes try a different browser.

So if using edge try chrome

Or if using Internet Explorer try chrome.

Or try Firefox.

malmi Wed 27-May-20 13:17:32

Once your existing policy has been cancelled you should get a 'goodbye' email which serves as your no claims proof. You then send this to the new insurer.

nevermorelenore Wed 27-May-20 13:22:34

I've never had to provide proof of no claims either. When I went to a new insurer, the details of a small claim I'd made years ago was on some sort of database. If they can look that up, surely they can see if you have no claims?

AStarSoBright Wed 27-May-20 13:23:48

Have you had a renewal notice from Admiral?

trappedsincesundaymorn Wed 27-May-20 13:51:13

Admiral have an old document from 2019 saying 2 years, they said they can see its 3 years and I should be able to see that too

Can they not send you an e-mail with the old document and a covering note saying that it's 3 years? Then you could forward it to your new insurers.

HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 27-May-20 15:03:25

I've finally got it.

But now I have a separate issue. It's only 3 years and I haven't made a claim since December 2015.

So that's 4 years isn't it?!

So now I'm chasing them up as to why they didn't accept my previous no claims, so they can update their no claims so I can send my 4 years no claims to my next providers.

Fucking ridiculous.

Does this sound normal?!

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AStarSoBright Wed 27-May-20 18:06:38

Your number of years no claims depends on the dates your insurance runs. A claim in December 15 could have been in the insurance period November 15-November 16, so claim free years 16/17, 17/18 and 18/19 as not at the end of 19/20 yet - does that make sense?

HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 27-May-20 19:58:04

Yes that does make sense.

I think. So perhaps it's all sorted?!

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AStarSoBright Wed 27-May-20 20:07:05

It sounds like it. However, if your renewal is now then you are at the end of 19/20 so it totally depends on your renewal date.

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