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To go out in pyjamas?

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Brunelofbrio Wed 27-May-20 09:24:38

I got lots of insect bites on a walk yesterday and I always react to them. So I have several large swellings in my bum - right on the knicker line.

The kids are desperate to go out for their walk. AIBU to go in my PJs ?

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nasalspray Wed 27-May-20 09:25:13

Why can't you wear clothes? Either way your arse will be covered

Forgetaboutme Wed 27-May-20 09:25:46

You not got some joggers?

Sansastark45 Wed 27-May-20 09:26:06

Why is it only PJS that cover your arse?
Just wear normal clothes !

ToriaPumpkin Wed 27-May-20 09:28:54

I assume OP means because she won't need to wear underwear which rubs on the bites.

You have my sympathy, I react awfully to bites and having anything touching them is miserable. Wear the PJs, it's not like you're going to be seeing anyone or going anywhere fancy!

rosie1959 Wed 27-May-20 09:28:56

If your knickers rub just wear a longish dress and go commando
Would never go out in PJs

GreyishDays Wed 27-May-20 09:29:45

Just wear trousers and no pants?

TastyCheese Wed 27-May-20 09:30:56

To honest OP I've been so tempted to do this even without insect bites so am tempted to say of course YANBU!!

Likethebattle Wed 27-May-20 09:31:09

Going out in pj’s is rank

nasalspray Wed 27-May-20 09:41:08

I assume OP means because she won't need to wear underwear which rubs on the bites.

No underwear and saggy pyjamas envy <not envy

Brunelofbrio Wed 27-May-20 09:50:01

@nasalspray, I agree 3 inch weeping welts across your arse is definitely envy not envy

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Chillipeanuts Wed 27-May-20 09:52:47

Also, if you can, an antihistamine might help.

Brunelofbrio Wed 27-May-20 09:55:17

Thanks @chilli ‘it’s already done!

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bigdecisionstomake Wed 27-May-20 09:56:43

Have you got some joggers, or some work out gear that wouldn't rub? I think that would be better than PJs.

WhentheRabbitsWentWild Wed 27-May-20 10:01:33

Have you any loose trousers at all ? I would go for a pair of those and no knickers . Nobody will tell you have no knickers on .

sqirrelfriends Wed 27-May-20 10:22:25

Just do it OP, I go out early and see dog walkers in their PJ's all the time.

Alternatively could you wear a maxi dress with no knickers, it's a bit grim but no one would know.

sqirrelfriends Wed 27-May-20 10:23:33

Actually, scrap that maxi dress idea. Don't want to get bites on your lady bits. blush

Fluffybutter Wed 27-May-20 10:27:05

Bites IN your bum ?
Yowsers, they were eager

StarlightLady Wed 27-May-20 10:38:12

Long loose dress and no knickers would be more comfy. I often do that in the warm weather anyway.

Be careful that the bites don’t turn septic.

Rainbowchampagne Wed 27-May-20 11:01:20

I fail to see how wearing clean pjs out is rank 🙄I have some pjs that look like tracksuit bottoms, no one would know, but they were definitely purchased from the pj section.

Pjs are clothes at the end of the day just clothes you usually wear to bed

mrsspooky Wed 27-May-20 11:09:18

PJs are fine, I walk the dog in them early morning, and ive seen people in the shops in them during lock down. Make it the new normal its fine.

Pieceofpurplesky Wed 27-May-20 11:21:54

Anything goes. Especially with bites - I react really badly so I know your pain.

ScarfLadysBag Wed 27-May-20 11:23:30

Ooh ouch. Go in whatever is most comfy! Poor you, that sounds so painful.

BlueJava Wed 27-May-20 11:38:00

Dress and commando will be more comfortable

GrumpyHoonMain Wed 27-May-20 11:43:56

Could you get away with wearing a floaty dress without knickers?

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