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To be pissed off with my sibling

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TwinkleTwinkleLittleBlue Wed 27-May-20 01:16:01

My sibling is the successful one; long term marriage, lovely house and 3 beautiful children but it never seems enough for them both. They always complain about wanting more, designer bags and clothes, the house is too small (5 bedrooms) so they're hard done by.

Don't get me wrong they've worked hard for it but my Parents are so scared to rock the boat that they complain about them to me saying they're not appreciating what they've got. They're breaking things when they argue and just replace it the next day. They say jump and my parents say how high and it's started to irritate me.

I've got MH issues, single parent, little money but I'm content and have a great relationship with my children however it's always about my sibling, I seem to be the screw up and it's getting me down. I'm always the one who has to listen to the bitchiness from both sides but no one asks how I'm doing, if they want something from my parents they get it without question however if I want something (not money) It's a no and I'm expected to just deal with it.

I'm at the end of my tether and starting to resent which is a dangerous road to go down, I'm a very introverted person and confrontation terrifies me and I know if I spoke up they would say that I'm jealous.

How can I be at peace with this?

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