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Anxious about lockdown relaxation

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Unusualusernames Wed 27-May-20 20:30:42

Yes that's true. I have been going out because I have to do shopping for my disabled cousin and my auntie who has cancer but I feel so on edge when I go outside.

It's really hard because I can't do (and don't want to do) the things I would normally do to distract myself like swimming or window shopping so I feel like I am constantly confronting my anxious mind and there's no where to hide.

I'm really afraid of people around me dying and leaving me. And I'm so scared of dying myself. It's really annoying.

I'm really sorry you suffer with health anxiety. It's so horrible. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

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LipsyGirl Tue 26-May-20 23:20:27

I understand that, I have had trouble with health anxiety. It’s awful. Consumes your thoughts day & night. Would you feel better knowing you’ve got the option to continue to isolate for maybe another month or two? Just because lockdown has been relaxed doesn’t mean you have to rush out the door with the others. You can still isolate. It might even be easier to get delivery slots etc. flowers

Unusualusernames Tue 26-May-20 23:10:34

Hi @LipsyGirl thanks. No I have no kids in the years they're suggesting go back and I can do my job from home. I feel so fearful now, esp after Dominic Cummings everyone is acting like covid was never a thing.

My health anxiety makes me preoccupied that I will die or others around me will (I lost my dad side you as a child and becoming a mum sparked health anxiety in me).

I've kind of got used to things as they are although I totally get why people need to go back I'm really afraid

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LipsyGirl Tue 26-May-20 23:01:45

I’m feeling okay ish, about it. Because lockdown is being relaxed you can still limit your contact with others so I’d see it as you’ve not lost complete control. You can still decide for yourself what you want to do. Do you have kids in school likely to return? Or work in the retail sector?

Unusualusernames Tue 26-May-20 22:58:29

Firstly please please don't flame me. I know mumsnet can be a really nasty place but I'm feeling very sensitive so please don't be overly horrible.

I have health anxiety. Badly. I have had therapy and it's helped a bit. Coronavirus has set me back a bit but slightly less than I'd worried (touch wood) but now there's talk of relaxing the lockdown I'm truly terrified.

Can anyone offer any positive words?

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