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To ask for non peeling paint recommendations

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elbanabanana Tue 26-May-20 16:32:49

DS, autistic, is peeling our walls in lockdown and it's getting pretty bad. The previous owners of the house have had it all painted in some sort of eggshell that just peels away from the plaster in huge pieces.

When we eventually get around to sorting it all out what paint is the LEAST peely? I'm thinking matt emulsion, possibly organic so more watery than other paints?

Our house looks absolutely frightful.

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bridgetreilly Tue 26-May-20 16:45:43

Wallpaper? Even painted lining paper would work, I think.

elbanabanana Tue 26-May-20 16:48:39

I don't really think I could manage to wallpaper the whole house. It looks to me like they've painted straight over plaster without priming, so it's just coming off in sheets. The paint is much shinier finish than I'm used to.

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penberrh Tue 26-May-20 16:53:22

Don’t wallpaper - also capable of being peeled off by the determined. A Matt emulsion will be much better than an eggshell/satin/gloss but you’ll have to prime the walls properly - which will include getting rid of all the eggshell that’s currently there - do I’d let him keep going!

penberrh Tue 26-May-20 16:54:09

Don’t line the walls either if your son is prone to peeling things off.

RandomMess Tue 26-May-20 17:09:30


Yes emulsion!

Perhaps they used vinyl silk or eggshell

elbanabanana Tue 26-May-20 17:28:42

Ok. Plan is to prime each wall properly and use hippy vegan Matt emulsion.

Previous owners were definitely fur coat no knickers types, it would not surprise me in the slightest that they didn't prepare the walls properly before covering them in eggshell. We have a jacuzzi bath and LED floor lights in the kitchen that have been similarly bodged in.

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