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To think Be Kind does not seem to affect politicians?

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z0fl0ra Mon 25-May-20 22:02:51

I’m preparing myself to get flamed but hear me out please.
Yes Dominic Cummings broke the rules, he acted stupidly and dangerously etc etc BUT isn’t the scrutiny he’s going under on every forum, newspaper, social media etc going way too far and completely opposite the message we were sending out a few months ago of Be Kind.
Caroline Flack was going to trial for domestic violence, she was top of the headlines for weeks, people calling for her to get sacked from ITV, she committed suicide.

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JoeExoticsEyebrowRing Mon 25-May-20 22:05:36

He broke the very rules he helped to create.

Yes, he should be under scrutiny right now.

Should he not be held to account in the name of 'kindness'?

z0fl0ra Mon 25-May-20 22:05:59

UGH posted too soon!!
Just because he’s a politician doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings, isn’t a human and the stress of the whole country hating him could cause him to break down.
It’s okay to not agree with what’s he’s done but there comes a point where a lot of posts headlines and remarks become bullying, this is not right and it’s only taken a few months to go back, please don’t say it will be another suicide to end this all.
Please, Be Kind

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FourEyesGood Mon 25-May-20 22:08:08

Even taking the kindest possible view, Cummings is a hypocritical prick of the highest order.

MaxNormal Mon 25-May-20 22:09:46

I am so sick of this trite "be kind" bollocks, it's used mostly to attempt to silence people.
Do you think there were bleats of "Be kind" during Watergate?

PurpleDaisies Mon 25-May-20 22:10:35

BeKind is not an excuse for people to act like they’re above public scrutiny.

thisenglishlife Mon 25-May-20 22:11:58

No one has been unkind to him. He believes in eugenics. He has bagged himself almost £1 billion for his pet project ARPA. Defend someone who needs your help, a decent person.

Experimenopause Mon 25-May-20 22:15:11

This is the whole point of accountablility. If people lie through their teeth (eyesight anyone?), what else are they lying about? These people are responsible for matters like national security, national health, education and the frigging economy.
Still not worried OP? Still think it’s fine to break rules, get away with them, and then do a press conference to lie about it all?
What else do they lie about?

MouthBreathingRage Mon 25-May-20 22:16:26

Be Kind in bollocks.

It's bloody rude and ignorant to suggest that holding a member of government to account for blatant hypocrisy will lead to suicide.

Cummings make a deliberate choice to break the rules and thought he could get away with it. When caught out, he didn't take any of the many opportunities he had to apologise - he spent that time working on the most ridiculous list of excuses I've heard in a long time. Then decided to publicly broadcast that list. He might as well have sat there and say 'please, rip me a new one Twitter' for all the good he did himself.

If he had just apologised and admit fault, 99% of all this would have been forgotten about in a week. Instead, hes blamed everyone but himself, and opened himself up to Specsavers jokes forevermore.

DahliaDay Mon 25-May-20 22:20:07

'Be kind' thing was a load of rubbish!! its embarrassing and cringe cringe cringe

DahliaDay Mon 25-May-20 22:25:28

even more embarrassing appear to have copied this be kind shite from facebook as i just logged on and what you posted is 'doing the rounds'

TheGreatWave Mon 25-May-20 22:25:52

No #Bekind does not mean allowing people to get away with whatever the hell they want with no repercussions.

There may have been things said and done that are unnecessary but telling people to #Bekind in this situation is foolish.

Artinsurance Mon 25-May-20 22:27:01

I have seen several people suggesting "Be kind" in relation to Boris Johnson and, now, Dominic Cummings in my social media feeds. 99% of the time, I adhere to the Thumper school of discretion ("if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all") but I am frankly enraged by the suggestion that the people running the government, who have chosen to take the roles they have, should be excused from public or political scrutiny from what has been a poorly run response to a pandemic.

The reason Dominic Cummings is receiving so much vitriol at the moment is because of his arrogant interpretation of the rules that he would have been instrumental in moulding, and his refusal to apologise, at a time when many people were in far more distressed circumstances but still adhering to the rules. The potential consequences of not offering an abject apology and acceptance of wrong-doing at this time could easily mean that any future government lockdown be widely ignored and lead to the deaths of many thousands more people.

I don't believe that we have heard the truth this evening, and I cannot think of another time when it would have been acceptable for a politician, or an aide, to have made such a monstrous error of judgement and not offered their resignation at the very least. I believe that the response in the media is warranted.

I do thank you, however, for giving me the opportunity to rant on the subject of having to be kind to politicians.

wrinklin Mon 25-May-20 22:27:49

Completely agree OP. Until a few days ago I disliked Dominic Cummings for his politics and role in Brexit but now I've been finding myself defending him. It's not just mumsnetters, journos and politicians - I've seen well known comedians, authors and sports people descending into viciousness on Twitter ... the sort of people who should know that tabloid newspapers often don't let the truth get in the way of whatever story they want to tell.

It was good to hear the statement from Dominic Cummings himself. He needed to explain himself. Some parts of his story are flaky but, as I suspected from the outset, he's too switched on to break the rules, and too much of a workaholic to take time out for an unscheduled trip unless he felt he had no other choice.

WeAllHaveWings Mon 25-May-20 22:30:02

What is the solution when Westminster and DC refuse to resolve the issue and the damage he has caused?

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Mon 25-May-20 22:31:27

You want is to give him a free pass to do what he likes while the rest of us mugs buckle down in the name of #BeKind?

You want us to smile sweetly and BeKind while he lies through his teeth?

What about telling him to #BeADecentHumanBeing

mondaynoon Mon 25-May-20 22:33:01

He should have resigned or been sacked. It is not kind to allow him to get away with this. It's his refusal to admit that he was wrong that is leading to all this scrutiny.

MaxNormal Mon 25-May-20 22:33:10

Here's your Cummings. Find someone better to defend:

"There is genuine hatred for Dominic Cummings – without doubt the most toxic character a sitting government has had to defend. But without Cummings, the man who illegally used data systems designed for post battlefield propaganda campaigns to win ‘hearts and minds’ in war-torn countries – the Tories would not be in anything like the same shape that they are today and Boris Johnson would more than likely not be our Prime Minister.

Immersed in accusations of abuse of office, malfeasance and corruption, this government uses a blanket of lies, misinformation and propaganda along with human shields as its defensive armour. But behind this huge story, there’s an even darker one.

We are all invited and riveted to the story of the moment. The Sunday papers have reported that Cummings has made multiple trips outside of lockdown and an informational battle takes place.

We are enraged that if Dominic Cummings survives this onslaught, where even the right-wing media are unwilling to defend the indefensible – there will be no barriers for a political elite to enrich themselves further. This incident fully demonstrates just how weak and incompetent both Boris Johnson and his team are – if they rely so heavily on a man known only for manipulating data to skew outcomes.

So worried are the Tories, that without Cummings their cover will be blown, they have decided that he is more important than anything – including the tarnishing forever of their own reputations. And the anger draws us in yet further:

Jim Pickard – the chief political correspondent at the FT makes the point that – “Number 10 is apparently using WhatsApp to order MPs to circle the wagons and put out supportive statements to try to hold the line….”

Peter Jukes from ByLine Times points out that – “The Attorney General and most the cabinet now have accused Durham Police – one of the top-rated police forces in the country – of lying. This is disastrous for the rule of law during a pandemic.”

Former Tory MP Nick Boles says – “Whatever the rights and wrongs of Cummings’ trip to his family home, we can all agree that the Government has lost any moral authority to instruct the rest of us on how to conduct ourselves during this pandemic.”

Columnist Ian Birrell concludes – “So far today Downing Street has undermined the lockdown; the health secretary has undermined public health efforts; the attorney general has undermined respect for the law. All to protect one powerful aide.”

And as one member of the public quite rightly and angrily spits out – “I’m fuming. All those men who missed their babies being born, all those elderly mums and dads dying alone while their kids cried at home, all those unattended funerals. All on the instruction of a government now defending a mate who chose to take his suspected Covid on a road trip.”

This is, by definition, anarchy by the rich and powerful.

In response, the government orders its taxpayer-funded army of social media bots into action in an attempt to get Cummings away from being the No1 trending hashtag. That story trended on its own. It worked for a few hours, but the rage continued.

The reality of our rage is this. If the man who sits in SAGE meetings, who is known to have politically influenced the outcome of the government experts in the midst of a pandemic that is killing tens of thousands, creates his own reality for the rest of us to live by – and then does as he pleases, then why should any of us play by the rules. Indeed, what other laws should we simply discard?

This is, by definition, anarchy by the rich and powerful.

But in the real world, behind closed doors, something else is going on.

Whilst the current story over Dominic Cummings erupts and boils over around the mainstream media and social media, this government have, in the same week given our agricultural industry away to the Americans, crossed a red-line with a new EU border and are handing hundreds of billions of cash and state assets over to corporations in secret deals – under cover of non-disclosure agreements. The stench of corruption is nauseating if you care to look.

Award-winning Observer columnist Carole Cadwalladr who bravely brought us the Cambridge Analytica scandal – tries to spell out this Cummings story and what’s going on.:

“This is the official machinery of the state. The civil service is now involved. And what they are saying in this statement contradicts a police report. So somebody is lying. The civil service? Or the police? Why does the Cummings story matter? And what does it obscure?

The real story is the huge transfer of government assets to private companies that he is overseeing under cover of a pandemic while restructuring the Cabinet Office into his & Michael Gove’s private fiefdom. We have no insight into these contracts which did not go to tender, but went instead to Cummings’ friends & associates. Including a massive transfer of our most private, intimate NHS data. The privatisation of essential state functions is happening in real time in almost complete darkness.

Cummings made absolutely clear his conditions for working in government were smashing civil service and rebuilding in his image and creating British ‘ARPA’ – an AI-driven research facility. That’s exactly what he’s doing right now in Cabinet Office with Gove, his long-time co-conspirator. Sure, the hypocrisy and entitlement of Cummings is breathtaking but there’s a far darker story that it obscures and it’s why the focus must be on Johnson now and his decision to throw weight of his office – statement from No 10 – behind him.”

The real story that Cadwalladr and others, like TruePublica, have been saying all along is this. The Conservative party is not a party for ‘broad-church’ centre-right politicians with traditional Conservative values. That has gone. This party wants to extract Britain from the centre-left European Union of regulation and pivot Britain towards a deregulated America. Next year, Britain will have suffered a hard-Brexit or something like it and some sort of trade-deal’ with America will have been ‘agreed’.

Whether Cummings gets ousted or not, is not the story. It’s cover for a couple of other stories that should have enraged the Brexit voting public but didn’t. Those nativist flag-waving beer-bellied skin-heads should be quivering with outright anger over the treachery of this government to deliver what they voted for. The millions of centre-left and centre-right middle classes would demand answers to the scandal that their taxes are being handed over to corporations, many with offshore operations – all undercover, in the dark – and behind their backs.

How else did you think that this group of political anarchists would ever get Brexit through, would enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams and walk away after the fog of war drifts away and we are left with the rubble?

If the Tories had reacted to the Covid-19 crisis and thrown their protective ring around the vulnerable and those in care homes as they did with Cummings we would have seen a different outcome to the sheer scale of death that this virus has brought to Britain. But this government wants chaos, this is THE modus operandi of Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson – as they both believe that no real change can come without it."

Standupthisisnotateaparty Mon 25-May-20 22:33:20


Hermagsjesty Mon 25-May-20 22:37:51

What happened to Caroline Flack is not remotely connected to this situation. I find it deeply unsavoury that her memory is being exploited in this way. Dominic Cummings is an influential man who just held his own press conference in the gardens of 10 Downing Street (at public expense I am assuming...?!) Be kind categorically does not mean powerful figures should not be held to account.

strugglingwithdeciding Mon 25-May-20 22:39:31

@maxnormal longest post ever mostly repeating others opinions with very little facts
Op I agree some are going to far with how they are behaving and there are some quite nasty people about
Yes I think he should resign or at least admit maybe it was poor judgement and apologise whilst explaining his reasons
But some of what I'm reading is just nasty

SharonasCorona Mon 25-May-20 22:39:43

He didn’t apologise once.

Even Boris forced through some contrition, he said ‘I regret the that people are scared/angry’ or words to that effect.

But Cummings didn’t apologise. How arrogant and spineless to force the PM to apologise on his behalf.

strugglingwithdeciding Mon 25-May-20 22:40:35

@hermajesty what public expense ?
Why would it cost anything do you think he served the press lunch and drinks

MaxNormal Mon 25-May-20 22:42:59

@strugglingwithdeciding that was the dullest notification for a mention I've ever received. My post was too long? grin

waitingforadulthood Mon 25-May-20 22:43:54

At what point does be kind lead us to complacency? Should our politicians not be accountable?

I understand be kind to celebs who are in the entertainment business. They are in a career where they are exposed but don't deserve vitriol. They're in a lighthearted business that draws nasty attention.

I understand be kind when politicians families are dragged through the mud. I understand be kind when politicians personal lives and scandals are exposed in no relation to their jobs and dragged through the coals. But this? He literally helped write the rules. He literally held a position and power of which he set the fucking standard. And then acted in another way, his actions speak louder than his words. He felt it was one rule for us and another for him. Doesn't even have the humility to apologise. A false crocodile apology would be something.

Op - have you read animal farm? Cummings is a pig.

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