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CBeebies programmes home decor

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happyhappyhour Mon 25-May-20 18:46:16

Been watching more CBeebies than usual with DC in lockdown and starting to notice how horrendous a lot of the home decor is. Waffle the wonder dog house- a crazy mash up of fluorescent colours everywhere and bright yellow pineapple wallpaper (!) all over the hall/stairs/landing. Who has decor like that? Really?
Then Topsy and Tim’s house where everything is either weirdly cream and beige downstairs but their bedrooms are a headache-inducing chaos of mismatching wall paper, patterned bedding and decor that makes no sense.
Who designs these sets?

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ActuallyItsEugene Mon 25-May-20 18:58:31

I've always wondered this too.

The house from Waffle is unbelievable. Surely no one decorates like that in real life?
Mr Tumbles house is easier on the eye than the Brooklyn-Bells.

happyhappyhour Tue 26-May-20 00:04:48

I can tolerate Mr Tumble’s house as they’ve aimed for a certain effect and done it quite tastefully considering its bright/childish. It’s not supposed to resemble a ‘real’ home.
The waffle dog house decor is just vile, it’s the type of thing that would be shared on here if it went on Rightmove.

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