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To think if you're that worried....

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Chilver Mon 25-May-20 17:46:42

About your eyesight a d driving long distances, you wouldn't put your entire family and 4 year old child in the car and went for a drive whilst you 'test' said poor eyesight?

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SoupDragon Mon 25-May-20 17:48:15

There is another thread

Chilver Mon 25-May-20 17:51:48

There are many about D. Cummings but not one asking that specific question when I wrote it.

Do you have an opinion?

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YeOldeTrout Mon 25-May-20 17:53:36

tbh, of all the things to nitpick about, that's quite nitty

Chilver Mon 25-May-20 17:56:13

I disagree actually. I think that puts his whole a count into question as its clearly not what actually happened, therefore, is anything else?

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FourPlasticRings Mon 25-May-20 17:58:11

There are many about D. Cummings but not one asking that specific question when I wrote it.

I saw one about half an hour ago entitled, 'AIBU to go for a drive to test my eyesight?'

FourPlasticRings Mon 25-May-20 17:59:35

Here you go

Chilver Mon 25-May-20 18:09:06

Fine. I won't post further. People are far too interested in jumping on other poster instead of having a discussion about a currently evolving current affairs situation.

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DrManhattan Mon 25-May-20 18:11:18

It's not nit picky at all.
Next time I go to get my eyes tested I will ask if I can do donuts in the car park too.
The whole thing is a total joke. I hope he gets caught out. Fingers crossed

FourPlasticRings Mon 25-May-20 18:14:15

I don't think they're jumping on the other poster, so much as agreeing with the ridiculous nature of the idea that someone would go for a drive to test their eyesight. You can't really discuss this one very much anyway- it's very much a case of, 'Yes, it's a silly idea' - end of discussion.

LumaLou Mon 25-May-20 18:17:25

This is AIBU, ask your question.

YANBU- I’d never put my child in a car if I was ‘testing my eyesight’.

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