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To stay out all day?

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onestepat Mon 25-May-20 13:50:41

I have sooooo much housework to do/washing etc.
I started decorating yesterday but here I am down at the beach.
It's only a 10 min walk home..
So would I be unreasonable to sit here all day and sack the washing off ?grin
What's everyone up too today ?
(I had no idea where else to post this )
Sorry if I'm in the wrong area
This is my current view (bliss )

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Eminybob Mon 25-May-20 14:12:50

YANBU. I’d love to live close to a beach right now.
We went out this morning at 9.30 for a big walk at Alderley Edge, a national trust place. I would have stayed all day but it was getting too busy and the dcs legs were falling off (or so they would have you believe)
I also have loads to do but am sat on the sofa with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio while dh and ds1 play on the Switch and ds2 has a nap. And relax.

Boomclaps Mon 25-May-20 14:19:27


tealandteal Mon 25-May-20 14:33:18

Nip home for a wee and pop a wash on, nip back in a few hours for another wee and to put the washing out, loads done. You'd better spend today out of the house in case there are any fumes left from yesterdays decorating!

Waxonwaxoff0 Mon 25-May-20 14:33:55


BlessYourCottonSocks Mon 25-May-20 15:02:37

Oh that looks lovely! I have been a bit of a martyr with pottering around doing housework this weekend and am just sitting on Mumsnet cos it's too hot in the garden - but we also have a beach 5 minutes walk away and I think I'm going to go. I know it will be deserted cos we're very rural.

You've inspired me, OP!

onestepat Mon 25-May-20 15:44:24

I followed your advice and put the wash on.
There's been lots of articles lately about people coming here and going to the loo up back lanes 🤢
I'm thankful i can walk to my toilet
It's about 23 degrees and I'm hoping I'm a nice shade of brown by 5 pm

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onestepat Mon 25-May-20 15:48:36

@BlessYourCottonSocks yes get yourself to the beach.
It's really relaxed me

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Bargainhuntbore Mon 25-May-20 16:54:49

Ive been out for 4 hours. Mountain walk. Washing can wait.

Khione Mon 25-May-20 17:53:57

So jealous

I think you should go every day this week - on behalf of those of us that can't go.

BlessYourCottonSocks Mon 25-May-20 23:07:16

I got myself to the beach! Also dragged 14 yo DS with me and we had a long (rare) chat and there was an ice cream shop open just before the prom...

Very happy.

Slightlyunhinged Tue 26-May-20 01:58:50

I spent the day at the beach too. About a mile from home and very rural so only 3 other people there. Gorgeous!

onestepat Tue 26-May-20 14:01:23

Back again today,can't believe how quiet it is.
(I'm not complaining)

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