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AIBU and mad to look for a new job at this current time?

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WishingOnACarrot Mon 25-May-20 08:20:44

Posted in "work" , but opening it up to see wider views.

I have worked for the same company for over ten years. Professional role. Am paid higher than my job grade but recently refused promotion due to potential implications of Covid19 and the changing needs of the business. The company has admitted that they have changed the goalposts of the promotion criteria. The promotion would have changed my job title but day to day work would have remained pretty much the same. I am already performing at that higher level. My role is also part time, supportive team, nice colleagues, interesting work, understanding boss regarding various usual and typical young children childcare commitments. But, since the promotion was refused I feel flat and bitter. I was told I probably would have had it if it wasn't for Covid19. Overall I see my job as secure. Would I be completely mad to consider changing jobs in this current uncertain climate? I've seen a job advertised that ticks a lot of boxes, including being part time, but it is a start up company... I don't know the salary - and I would imagine I may need to take a pay cut potentially. It would be a good way of getting my foot on a related but slightly different ladder. If it weren't for the pandemic I'd apply. Just looking for a bit of advice really, as if I'm being honest I'm not sure if I'm more enthusiastic about resigning and telling my current company where they can stick their job (childish I know!) than actually doing the new job. I'm very confused. Anyone have any advice or able to provide some food for thought?

Or let me know if AIBU to consider a new role?

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