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To worry I will never see my Nan again

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Nightowl92 Mon 25-May-20 02:23:58

My Nan is currently in a home and I’m terrified that i May never see her in person again if things don’t massively change in the next 6 months sad is anyone else worried about this or am Pre-emptying something that might not happen

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AquarianSquirrel Mon 25-May-20 03:05:56

Hey Nightowl, it's a really worrying time isn't it? I'm feeling similar about my gran who is ill (non covid) but am waiting for them to say we can see two people outside and hope it's soon.

Is there a garden where she lives that you could arrange to see her in? The virus is alot less easily transferred outside they say. Maybe wearing a mask?

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 03:07:02

Go and visit her from outside the window?

SuncreamInTheWinter Mon 25-May-20 03:08:48

So scary

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