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Drank a beer

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sosweetflowers Sat 23-May-20 19:35:03

So I drank one of my husbands beer and he called me cunt for drinking it.
We're in a rural setting but about a 15/20 minute walk to the nearest shop if i/he wanted more alcohol. Would you really call your oh this over a beer or just say fuck it and walk the shop ( when unable to drive and just get extra?) no children btw

arethereanyleftatall Sat 23-May-20 19:35:53

Nope, never. But it's not a word I ever use anyway.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 23-May-20 19:36:29

I'm pretty sure if you look at your relationship he's probably abusive to you in other ways as well.

This is not reasonable behaviour OP.

raffle Sat 23-May-20 19:36:59

Was it the last one? DH just ate the last McVitties Gold bar biscuit and I’m venomous

Laaalaaaa Sat 23-May-20 19:37:38

I’ve seen this posted in reverse from outraged women complain their husbands have drank their wine or eaten their chocolates. The man in normally called for everything.

justhereforthetips Sat 23-May-20 19:38:38

Horrible thing to call someone you're supposed to love.
If my dh had a limited number of beers that he especially bought and was looking forward to he might be annoyed if I drank one, he wouldn't call me names though.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 23-May-20 19:38:58

@Laaalaaaa I'd say it either way. Calling someone something nasty for eating/drinking the last of anything is uncalled for - I don't care what it is or who it is.

Leicester5 Sat 23-May-20 19:39:44

It's hardly crime of the century, is it?

He should just get another. His language is worrying, does he do this often?

ScarfLadysBag Sat 23-May-20 19:40:01

Honestly, it depends. I guess if you're posting about it here then you don't have the kind of relationship where you might jokingly call the other person a cheeky cunt or something like that, so if it was said to hurt or in anger then obviously it's not reasonable.

Thisismytimetoshine Sat 23-May-20 19:40:13

That's quite... dysfunctional hmm

Gindrinker43 Sat 23-May-20 19:40:37

Sorry, I'm quite easy going but that is unacceptable. There will be loads of posters in here in a bit asking about his alcohol depenedency and telling you to LTB. However, that was unacceptable over something so trivial and does need an adult conversation between the two of you about his comments.

teablanket Sat 23-May-20 19:41:33

I wouldn't call a partner a cunt, but I'd be pissed off if they drank a beer I was planning to have myself, particularly now when I'm limiting trips to shops.

Jasmineben Sat 23-May-20 19:41:39

He sounds horrible

mylittlesandwich Sat 23-May-20 19:41:51

Agree, if DH called me that it would be in jest and I wouldn't be offended I am from glasgow after all. If he said it in anger then it's not ok. On the flip side if I took the last of his beer then he wouldn't be best pleased. If he took the last of something of mine I wouldn't be happy.

BumpBundle Sat 23-May-20 19:44:23

He's obviously in the wrong but there must be more to this. I assume this is a one-off outburst or you wouldn't be asking about it. Check if he's ok? I don't like beer but there are certainly times when I've been absolutely gagging for a piece of cheesecake (or whatever) only to discover the cunt I married has scoffed it (I love him with all my heart). I'd think he's probably feeling pretty guilty and ashamed of calling you that but also that he might've stepped over into that stubborn place where he won't admit it was wrong...

Gallacia Sat 23-May-20 19:50:18

Even if it was the only one and he'd been looking forward to it, cunt is OTT.

Samtsirch Sat 23-May-20 19:58:04

Is there more to this ?
It sounds a bizarre ( and unacceptable) over reaction.

DontStandSoCloseToMe Sat 23-May-20 20:01:27

Depends, my close friend and colleague is a born and bred eastender and uses cunt as a term of endearment, to others it's the most heinous thing you could say. Context is important.

Nottherealslimshady Sat 23-May-20 20:03:36

Do you frequently take his share of things? Did you buy equal amounts of treats and you've had yours then taken his too?
It's never appropriate to call someone a cunt, but were you fair to take his beer?

KatherineJaneway Sat 23-May-20 20:05:08

How many beers or alcohol did you / he have left in the house? Did you know he was looking forward to drinking it? Is the beer seen as 'his' and he thought you should be drinking your own gin / wine?

Far more info needed before anyone can give helpful suggestions.

JenNtonic Sat 23-May-20 20:17:15

Nah. I'd chin the cunt

MissMudskipper Sat 23-May-20 20:24:55

I'd be pretty miffed if my husband drank my last beer without asking to be fair. But I'd never dream of using that word and I certainly know my husband wouldn't either. However, I know a woman who uses this word all the time (even in jest when talking with friends) so I suppose it depends on your every day relationship.

OmgThereAreNoPlanesAboveMeNow Sat 23-May-20 20:30:26

Why should he just get another? Who drunk it should get another!
I wouldn't probably call you a cunt if I were him, but i would certainly think that, if you drunk last one and then pointed out I can just walk half an hour to get new one tbh...

OmgThereAreNoPlanesAboveMeNow Sat 23-May-20 20:32:36

Or! Even if it wasn't a last one but when we were in a shop and you did "nah, I don't want any" so I would by number for me... Just for you to dip into my stash later... Yeah. C word would appear somewhere. I hate when people do it with food, hate it with drinks too

DontTouchTheMoustache Sat 23-May-20 20:35:40

I would never call someone a cunt full stop. But actually I dont call people names (outside of a jokey "you dipstick" when someone does something silly).

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