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How much work is your year 8 doing?

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PlasticFlowers Sat 23-May-20 19:31:25

So every time we have had DSCs the year 10 appears to be doing loads of work and the year 8 has said she doesn’t have a lot to do and is doing about an hour if that a day then just on her phone.

I am a bit concerned a little this as she struggles anyway and have suggested to DH that he has a chat with the school as that’s two whole months of doing an hour of school work a day. I know it varies from school to school (my job involves working with schools) but surely this is a bit shock

Her Mother isn’t working and neither is her partner so both at home able to support, as are we when they are here.

Wonderrwall Sat 23-May-20 19:40:27

My year 9 is doing 2-3 hours/day under duress. I don't know what's typical or needed to not fall behind.

Theforest Sat 23-May-20 19:47:34

Some days he is doing work for most of the normal school hours. But others he doesn't have much. Some teachers seem to be issuing more work than others.

Theforest Sat 23-May-20 19:48:23

It is probably worth asking her tutor whats the normal amount. Ours said teachers should be supplying 2 hours per subject per week.

reluctantbrit Sat 23-May-20 19:49:46

DD gets work set for each subject on Monday morning and has to return it at the end of the week, Visual Arts and Drama normally have a project for 2-3 weeks.

She normally is at her desk from 8.30am-3pm with two breaks.

The school is very strict and records thoroughly who returns work and if work comes late and let the parents know.

They currently don’t have live lessons but may look into it after the exams in June (yes, they have to write tests, one subject per day for 2 weeks).

gingganggooleywotsit Sat 23-May-20 19:49:57

My year 8 is doing 1-2 hours a day, with lots of nagging! There is more work available, but for some reason the school have said this is optional, therefore my dd is doing the bare minimum!

PlasticFlowers Sat 23-May-20 19:50:11

I am also pissed off (because I am an evil SM) that we gave them money to go to the shop today (to get something for us) and said they could buy a bag of sweets each or popcorn for later and they came back with three bags of sweets, a tube of crisps and a packet of biscuits, and DH has done sweet FA about it.

gingganggooleywotsit Sat 23-May-20 19:50:34

I wish her school was stricter.

PlasticFlowers Sat 23-May-20 19:54:25

I don’t understand why they can’t do lessons on teams?

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 23-May-20 19:58:06

9-1 every day apart from Wednesdays which has art and baking type lessons which may be very short or very long e.g. this week we are doing the food tech on Sunday instead so Wednesday was a nice easy day for her.

Holidayz Sat 23-May-20 20:01:36

My year 8 is doing more than that. A lot more.
She gets 3hrs of Science, English, Maths and Spanish a week so she spends about 45 mins on this each day and works through it over the week. She then gets other work set for other subjects and she does those on the day they are due in. They say an hour to complete, but she usually gets it done in less time. Her day is more compressed and she starts late but she's working a good 4hrs a day with no breaks apart from eating. She works longer if lots of other work needs to be submitted on the same day. I've tried to get her to look at doing more of these tasks on "quieter" days to even it up a bit so she doesn't have some days where she has lots to do but she prefers her way. I suppose I can't get hung up on how she's working because she's doing all that's been set

Sarahbeans Sat 23-May-20 20:07:55

My year 8 is supposed to do more than that.

Lessons are set each day, and students are supposed to follow their school timetable.

My daughter works for about 4-5 hours a day, but I'm not entirely convinced she works as hard as she could. But her father and I both work full time (at home) and can't stand over her every minute. So she's making do. I make sure her main subjects are done properly.

TeaAndBrie Sat 23-May-20 22:54:14

My year 8 DD has a lockdown timetable from her school. 5 lessons a day as it would have been if they were in school. Everything is accessed via the school portal and completed either on there or on word/excel and emailed to their teacher.

Chocolatecake12 Sat 23-May-20 23:09:36

My year 8 is doing about 3 subjects a day. Should be 5 but for example there’s no drama or art work set so those lessons aren’t factored in.
I usually get an email at the end of the week saying how’s he’s getting on. There’s always a few pieces of work missing throughout The week but I’m working full time and it’s just me. I can’t stand over him just remind him to work and hope that what he’s doing will be enough not to fall to far behind.

Idontbelieveit12 Sat 23-May-20 23:32:18

My y7 son and y8 daughter both have 5 subjects a day. Work is meant to be around half an hours worth for each subject, but this is a rough guide. They are generally finished around lunch time.

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