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Fed up and need advice

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Bunny1987 Sat 23-May-20 18:50:33

I live next door to my inlaws, and we get on really well and we live in a rural area in the country side with few neighbours, during this whole lockdown situation I'm feeling abit fed up with a few things.

Both inlaws are in there 70s but have the body and health of 50 year olds as they really look after themselves, partner really looks after them even though at times I do think they take advantage and sometimes not very appreciate of the help we give them.
I am not working, I am receiving benefits because of coronavirus, I get the weekly shop on a click and collect service, and it seems every time I shop partner will tell them I am doing a big shop and I will have a big list presented to me and most of the things aren't even essential items, such as ice cream, or pastry mix etc and I am never even paid back even though I am on benefits and trust me they have plenty of money in the bank just very tight with there money.
Inlaws both go out plenty in the week to do grocery shopping themselves, father in law even goes to Asda to get the paper every morning , so I am abit confused as to why they wait all week for me to get non essential items.
And every time I want to go shopping somewhere partner will always make sure he asks them if they want anything even though it's me going into the shop and paying for it with my own money, getting really fed up with it now, like I said inlaws will go out plenty in the week but never ask us for if we want anything but every time we do partner will insist on getting them something from garden compost to binliners and I really feel as if I am being taken advantage off here.

Also we have a very nosy and intrusive neighbour who is always gossiping and wanting to know our business, I do not get on with them at all after he would just think it's OK to walk down our back garden when I would be sunbathing and I don't like them what's so ever, a family member of mine was diagnosed with early stage cancer, I made the mistake of telling my mother in law and the same day she had told this neighbour even though she knows I don't like him, I found this to be so disrespectful and bang out of order for her to discuss something so personal and private to me, she said she was trying to help and this particular cancer is curable and 5 people nighbour knows had this particular cancer and she was trying to reassure me, but I was enraged how she just put me on the spot and discussing this with him, partner is very biased and dosent seem anything wrong with what she did.
She is always telling them our business, I fell ill a month ago and was told by NHS 111 to self isolate, ( as a precaution ) and next thing all the neighbours know about it and even had people ask what it was like to have coronavirus, I am just really fed up and partner dosent seem to help and will just side with them.

Am I being unreasonable? Advice mic appreciated, stay safe everyone! X

MinistryOfTragic Sun 24-May-20 16:18:43

You need to get your partner to sort this out, and you need to refuse to add anything to your shopping list unless you're reimbursed, sounds awful but why aren't you just saying no?

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