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Skype nowadays

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spearly Sat 23-May-20 18:21:35

Just that really! A friend asked me to connect via Skype recently and I was surprised as I hadn't used that platform for about ten years! Each to their own of course, but am I being unreasonable thinking most have moved from this to other platforms like What's App, Zoom, Teams etc. Is webex still popular? Do you differentiate between work/personal in terms of which system you used?

Isesgirl Sat 23-May-20 18:30:57

I use Skype for family quiz and bingo nights, mainly because i used to use it long ago and could easily tell my family how to get on and use it themselves.

There are times it's a bit of an issue getting everyone on and able to see and hear each other but most times it's quick and works for us.

I've also, since this lock down, been on Zoom with work colleagues (but not for work purposes, just to catch up and chat and do quizzes) and that's pretty much the same.

My husband uses Teams for work purposes because it's (he says) the best for sharing pictures of sites, plans and other documents with colleagues at other locations. His is a fast moving workplace and he says other platforms don't offer as much flexibility.

So yeah, mine is a pretty much generic "what works for you" answer!!

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