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Pubs doing “takeaway” alcohol

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Notcontent Sat 23-May-20 15:02:22

Just saw a notice on a neighbourhood website advertising that a local pub is doing takeaway pints this weekend. I can completely understand why a pub would want to do that. BUT, let’s be honest, people buying the “takeaway” pints will not be buying them to take them home. They will want to stand outside in the sun to drink them with friends - that’s the whole point. And that seems to raise all sorts of issues - like crowding outside the pub - and sorry to raise this again - LACK OF TOILETS!!!

Pubs are required, as a condition of their licence, to provide toilets - because drinkers need to go, even if they have bladders made of steel... I am just glad I don’t live near the pub in question as I would not want the front of my house being used as a toilet.

NuffSaidSam Sat 23-May-20 15:06:42

The pub at the end of our road has been doing this for a few weeks and no problems so far. I think people are buying and taking home. It seems to be mainly people who live locally who are using it (I suppose because you can't drive home afterwards so have to be walking distance from home).

They're only doing it during the day though, so I think that makes a difference.

And I'm sure it depends on the pub and the people in local area.

Whatsnewpussyhat Sat 23-May-20 15:07:20

Of course they won't be taken home. They'd be flat as hell and warm by the time you got in. Also the fact if you wanted a bloody beer so bad you would go to a shop and buy some cans.

The ones on beaches that have been open had stupid queues with no social distancing and I suspect the plastic cups were left all over the place.

TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Sat 23-May-20 15:12:01

The ones I've seen ask you to bring a plastic milk bottle then they fill that and you pour into glasses at home.

My friend gets a big bottle of raspberry cider from her local when the mood strikes.

Devlesko Sat 23-May-20 15:15:42

YABU, they have fought for weeks to be able to do this. If it's the difference between them just surviving or having to close, I'm for the former.

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Sat 23-May-20 15:20:09

My local pub has been doing takeaway since shortly after lockdown started. It is sold in 2 pint containers like a plastic milk bottle. We definitely bring it home and drink it. I’ve not seen anyone drinking outside ANY of the local pubs that are offering this service around here....

belfastbelle5 Sat 23-May-20 15:26:09

YABVU - how do you else do you think these businesses are going to survive? They need some form of income and that is the only way.

vanillandhoney Sat 23-May-20 15:27:14

One local pub has been doing this throughout lockdown. You can't buy at the venue, you pre-order and they deliver it to your house - presumably to stop the kind of thing you're referring to.

They have different ales on everyday and also sell soft-drinks and snacks. Other pubs are also selling takeaway meals - burgers, pizza, fish and chips, as well as frozen meals that you can cook yourself at home.

Good for them, I say. Better than them going bust.

Muppetry76 Sat 23-May-20 15:30:13

We have a mini brewery near us that's been doing a 'you bring it we fill it' for their beer and cider since a couple of weeks into lockdown. Their bar is categorically closed, toilets too, and no access to the beer garden. They won't even open bottled beer to drink on the way home.

slothbucket Sat 23-May-20 15:31:33

You can pay all their bills for them instead, OP

OmgThereAreNoPlanesAboveMeNow Sat 23-May-20 15:31:54

They are not stupid. They will have rules. They too don't want their front be pissed on.
It's a good way to allow regulars to support them so they can actually afford to re open later.

There are some local ones who were delivering. Now some are opening for take away.

Sirzy Sat 23-May-20 15:32:46

A small brewery near us is now doing a great trade from delivering kegs and bottles.

Pubs are doing what they can for delivery/take away

They are trying to do what is needed to make sure they have a business at the end of this

Notcontent Sat 23-May-20 15:33:44

Sorry, I am not saying they should not be doing it!!!!

I am just saying it needs to be managed appropriately. And it sounds like most places are doing the right thing (probably being mindful of their licence conditions).

YerAWizardHarry Sat 23-May-20 15:34:16

Our local has been selling beer and cocktail in sealed, tamper proof 1 litre bottles. DP got recently, he had from the unopened bottle around 5 days after buying it and it being in the fridge and said it was still fizzy/fresh

CuriousaboutSamphire Sat 23-May-20 15:36:33

Pubs here have been doing that from the start, as part of their takeaway food. And ensuring all people move off the premises.

It saved having to pour countless gallons of beer etc down the drain. It does go off!

SpiltMilk100 Sat 23-May-20 15:37:17

Also the fact if you wanted a bloody beer so bad you would go to a shop and buy some cans

Exactly. Don't understand why you'd not just get a beer from the shop?

onlyreadingneverposting8 Sat 23-May-20 15:38:51

If I had a business that was my livelihood, after today and Dominic Cummings, I'd be saying "stuff the 'rules' I'm going to do what I need to to survive and had a business left!" Surely that would be "appropriate and reasonable"??!!

whitesoxx Sat 23-May-20 15:39:45

@Whatsnewpussyhat everyone here has been taking them home since the very beginning

OmgThereAreNoPlanesAboveMeNow Sat 23-May-20 15:41:51

Why not go to the shop? If someone wants to drink likes of Carlsberg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I doubt they will be the customers. But nice pint of something you can't get in your local shop? Why not. Plus it's a way of supporting local businesses.

vanillandhoney Sat 23-May-20 15:44:30

Exactly. Don't understand why you'd not just get a beer from the shop?

Well, for starters a lot of the ales they sell in pubs aren't available in the supermarket.

But also, it's nice to support a small local business rather than spending your money in the big chains. Local pubs need your money more than Tesco does. I'd rather buy my takeaway from the local pizza place over Dominos or Papa Johns for the same reason.

CuriousaboutSamphire Sat 23-May-20 15:47:02

Cans from a shop?

Well, we're using a pub to help them maintain some business, work through their short life stock and generally support local businesses.

Our pubs have done so much volunteer work, delivering food aid, food bank deliveries, meals on wheels, as well as their own commercial food box sales, all is that being over and above the almost instant reorganising from pub to take away / home delivery of food. Bloody miracle workers.

Buying a takeaway and a few beers is an easy way to show support.

MaudesMum Sat 23-May-20 15:48:22

The poor sods have also got lots of beer and other supplies that will go off if not used. If they can shift some of their existing stock, they will have a slightly better chance of survival...

CatBatCat Sat 23-May-20 15:51:10

Been buying takeaways from pubs for as long as I can remember. Real ale and cider doesn't go flat. I actually go home with my booze.

lazylinguist Sat 23-May-20 15:54:11

Exactly. Don't understand why you'd not just get a beer from the shop?

Because a freshly-pulled pint (of real ale, at least) doesn't taste the same as beer out of a can.

Lairymary Sat 23-May-20 15:55:09

Two of our village pubs have been doing it from the start. One of them has even turned themselves into a shop selling fresh veg and groceries as well as doing a takeaway/delivery for meals that they would normally serve to make ends meet. Needs must! No problems with alcohol being consumed outside of pub, it always gets taken home in a plastic milk jug style container.

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