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To miss the phrase "in future"

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Hingeandbracket Sat 23-May-20 10:58:45

and hate its ubiquitous replacement "going forward"

It is fucking everywhere and I hate it

AvoidingTheWineAisle Sat 23-May-20 11:04:39

I agree.

I also miss ‘contacting’ or ‘getting in touch with’ people, rather than ‘reaching out‘, and ‘going for a drink’ as opposed to ‘going for drinks’.

VioletCharlotte Sat 23-May-20 11:12:23

Going for drinks is more accurate though, as it's rare to only go for one drink!

I hate reaching out!

AvoidingTheWineAisle Sat 23-May-20 12:04:33

I’m old @VioletCharlotte grin. It was always ‘fancy a drink after work?’ and now it’s ‘we’re having drinks’.

I don’t like change! grin

cologne4711 Sat 23-May-20 12:46:20

Oh gosh OP there are so many.

"Reaching out" instead of getting in touch or contacting someone.

Being excited or sad "for" something instead of "about" it. Or being worried for something instead of worried about it.

And verbing nouns like "toileting" that was used on here recently on one of the seaside threads (which does exist but in a different context). And "gifting" - which again does exist, but you gift land, you give everything else.

AvoidingTheWineAisle Sat 23-May-20 12:51:22

‘Having anxiety’ instead of ‘being anxious’.

Youngatheart00 Sat 23-May-20 12:52:35

Big American influence here!

I get annoyed with ‘gotten’

RightOnTheEdge Sat 23-May-20 12:57:40

YANBU also why do people have to "source“ everything now?

" my hubby sourced the ingredients and I cooked them" meaning he got perfectly everyday food from the nearest supermarket hmm

BritWifeinUSA Sat 23-May-20 12:57:41

I also hare “gotten”. It’s bad enough I have to hear it hear. But when people back home use it too...

And movies. Grrrr! They are films. My grandparents used to say “going to the pictures” or “watching a picture” and I’m lately very nostalgic for that and have started saying that.

Every time I hear “reach out” I think of people with arms like Mr Tickle from the Mr Men singing a Four Tops song.

Youngatheart00 Sat 23-May-20 12:58:57

‘Reach out’, ‘circle back’ and ‘take it offline’ - there’s almost a dance routine there!

Ninkanink Sat 23-May-20 12:59:52

YADefinitelyNBU! Cannot stand it.

‘Reaching out’ is even worse, though. I’m actually physically repulsed by that one.

onetwothreeadventure Sat 23-May-20 13:00:55

I worked in the US for a huge chunk of my career and, even though I eye roll while saying them, I still use those phrases all the time! Reach out, going forward, circle back, bandwidth, blue sky thinking, pivot, low hanging fruit...

It always astounded me how much jargon was used in meetings -about 3 minutes was dedicated to the actual key point, the other 6 hours showcasing our knowledge of jargon and acronyms.

Ninkanink Sat 23-May-20 13:02:19

Sorry cannot stand ‘going forward’ just to be clear. You’re not unreasonable to miss ‘in future.’

FOJN Sat 23-May-20 13:02:59

Gotten, said by anyone who isn't American, makes me irrationally angry.

TheWernethWife Sat 23-May-20 13:15:08

Years ago I worked in a government department. We received bids for funding and all of them used the words "going forward" instead of in the future.

What's so bloody wrong with in the future.

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