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To expect someone on a crowded commuter train with their 8 or 9 yo NOT to read out loud in a booming voice all the way into London...

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CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:24:27


Surely he can bring a book to read himself, she was bellowing out this bloody book god knows what it was all teh way in

MamaG Thu 20-Sep-07 11:25:01


IT would have driven me mad

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:28:21

And she was going on to him about how she had taken all her friends to a flash restaurant last night and booming about how it was so nice to take 20 of them to this restaurant as they didn't have enough chairs at home, he's like 8 or 9, does he GIVE a fuck that his mother is a sad flash git who finds the need to let hte whole train know??

maisemor Thu 20-Sep-07 11:30:05

Are you not going to feel slightly bad if you one day find out she is talking that loudly because she is hard of hearing?

Bundle Thu 20-Sep-07 11:30:19

shouldn't he be at school? hmm

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:31:20

she wasn't
she was a boomer

you know the sort
Dying for everyone to know their biz grin

Marina Thu 20-Sep-07 11:31:26

Off to prep school I expect bundy
Was the hapless child wearing rust coloured bloomers by any chance CD

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:32:09

he was on way to school

She asked him what 10 x 10 was and he said 20

She immediately BOOMED (much louder) oh I am going to ask your school for my MONEY BACK!!!

(just to ensure everyone knew she paid for said school wink)

AngharadGoldenhand Thu 20-Sep-07 11:32:21

When I was commuting, sometimes there'd be a very well-spoken man on board who was very, very loud.

You didn't want to know his business, but he was going to tell you anyway, lol!

WillyWonka Thu 20-Sep-07 11:32:37

Tbh I feel more sorry that an 8/9 yo is made to endure a crowded commuter train.

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:33:05

oh he was ok he had a seat

It was little tarquin on his way to school defo

DarrellRivers Thu 20-Sep-07 11:33:26

Get out of bed the wrong side this morning?
British public transport as soothing as it normally is CD? grin

Bink Thu 20-Sep-07 11:33:46

On same lines as maisemor, what if there was something that meant he couldn't read? or that his mother wanted to keep him occupied with cosy chat so's he wasn't anxious? Or something. I talk away to my 8yo ds on the Tube in a way that probably isn't the way other mothers talk to their 8yos - he has some language problems. Occasionally I think "I must sound like an idiot to the other commuters" and then I think "So what ds is more important."

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:34:18

No in fact was in v good mood til I couldn't read the paper for this bint booming
(was v interested in Mourinho legging it but couldn't concentrate as was forced to listen to boomer)

EmsMum Thu 20-Sep-07 11:34:31

Poor woman. Couldn't she afford an iPod for the child (loaded with complete set of Roald Dahl CDs).

Then she could have boomed into her mobile instead.

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:34:55

he was reading himself too
Why he couldn't just do that I don't know

WillyWonka Thu 20-Sep-07 11:35:02

I feel even more sorry that he has to live with being called Tarquin wink grin

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:35:20

oh she boomed at her friend (or nanny mabye) while he was reading

Bundle Thu 20-Sep-07 11:35:22

lol @ boomer cd & marina's bloomers

a bloomer and a boomer

maisemor Thu 20-Sep-07 11:36:13

See I did not know this very loud but also very nice and very funny woman was hard of hearing until about a year later when somebody else told me.

Dinosaur Thu 20-Sep-07 11:37:22

Good point, the binkster.

DarrellRivers Thu 20-Sep-07 11:39:16

Have slight tendency to being boomerish myself blush, buy hasten to add,it wasn't me
wonder if she is mumsnetter ?

OrmIrian Thu 20-Sep-07 11:42:27

What was the book? Just curious really.

I read out loud in public blush but I don't think that I boom. She does sound a little overly self-satisfied perahps.

CountessDracula Thu 20-Sep-07 11:50:34

I really don't think she was hard of hearing
I could be wrong of course

She managed to talk fairly normally some of the time and could hear her ds and friend neitehr of whom boomed.

I just think it's bloody rude to yell on a train all the time

Caroline1852 Thu 20-Sep-07 11:51:41

You are being unreasonable. Be honest. It was the fact that he was a public school boy that hacked you off the most wasn't it?

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