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To break up or stay

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Jammydodger6 Fri 22-May-20 21:50:09

What would you do if you really wanted another child but don’t think your DP is the right person for you?

We both want another, we were going to try when life returns to normality but lockdown has really shown how incompatible be are in the long term.

For info I am mid 30’s. I really want another child. Would you stay and have another or leave and never find anyone to have the 2nd child with in time?

DP also knows our relationship isn’t great so it would be a joint decision but not sure if things would work out.

LoopyLaRue Sat 23-May-20 01:27:48

This is not a question for the internet. You need to consider all your options and do what is best for you and your family too.

Frozenfan2019 Sat 23-May-20 01:29:48

Yeah the truth is we don't have enough information. However I assume you are split fro. The parent of child number one? If so why would you plan the same to child number two?

Euclid Sat 23-May-20 01:38:11

This is not a question for people unknown to you.

user1473878824 Sat 23-May-20 01:53:13

So you have a child together but the relationship is a bit shit and you think it might be better to break up your family and hope you meet someone else to have another child with? In all honesty I think you’d be better trying Relate and seeing how things go. Unless he’s abusive or you’re completely done with everything you’re asking huge life questions when you could maybe try and fix it and see.

TheVamoosh Sat 23-May-20 03:29:13

I think blended families can get pretty messy for the children and if you're willing to be a single parent and you think you partner will do his duty towards the children regardless of whether you are together or not, it might be better to have another child together than to leave him and try to find a new partner.

Of course in real life, things are more complex than that. And I appreciate that some blended families probably work well.

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