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In the times of Covid women...

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Grumpylockeddownwoman Fri 22-May-20 20:07:58

Was speaking to dh yesterday and was saying how this time will be taught in history lessons in the future.

Was thinking how we look at women in history and thought that the History books will go along the lines of...

Women in times of covid drank more wine than usual for the time period

A big fashion for women in times of covid was what’s now known as “loungewear”

Aibu to ask what you think we will be remembered for?


Baileyscheesecake Fri 22-May-20 20:12:13

The countries who managed to limit the virus successfully were largely run by women - New Zealand, Germany and Kerala to name just three!

Dollywilde Fri 22-May-20 20:15:13

Covid happened before the Redistribution of Labour, so women were often juggling their full time job with the majority of childcare and looking after the home.
Essay question: how would the role of men in the home be different if the Covid pandemic were to happen today? Use primary sources (such as the Mumsnet archives) in your answer. (10 marks)

Thingsdogetbetter Fri 22-May-20 20:17:35

Nurses, doctors, care assistants, heads of goverments, research scientists, key workers of all kinds are women too!

What about men drinking beer in their sweatpants?? My husband is doing remarkably well at extending his beer belly as I exercise during breaks from WFH. grin

Grumpylockeddownwoman Fri 22-May-20 20:21:11

“A common fashion for hair in 2020 was known as having “roots”

Fluffyglitterystuff Fri 22-May-20 20:22:07

Gosh I'd like to think that women will be remembered better than that.

Nurses, care workers, supermarket staff.

Then there's the invisible women quietly working from home as well as juggling kids and school work.

The female leaders who have so far done very well...

Grumpylockeddownwoman Fri 22-May-20 20:27:14

@Fluffyglitterystuff if course we will. It was meant to be a bit of a lighthearted swipe at how we glamourise the ordinary in history.

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