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To think wheelchairs are evil?

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Jasmin82 Fri 22-May-20 18:31:06

I've had to start using a self propelled wheelchair due to both my legs not working how they should. In using them I have come to the conclusion that they are evil and were most likely supermarket trollies in a former life.
I was expecting blisters, I can deal with blisters. I was not expecting bruises!

WiddlinDiddlin Fri 22-May-20 21:48:09

Nah, you just need to either... get better skillz or.. get a better wheelchair (if its an NHS heap of poo then YANBU though!).

How the heck are you getting bruises there?

What IS evil is my right hand... I use a right hand control powerchair... and if I balls up and squash my foot or something instead of letting go my right hand responds by PUSHING FORWARD MORE........ so i continue to crush myself.

LadyDoc1 Fri 22-May-20 21:50:47

Ouch! I suffered more bruises on my shins from the footpads than the armrests!
Sticks should also go in the evil category, they seem to just know where and when to fall to make maximum noise or trip me up smile

Ofalltheginjoints Fri 22-May-20 21:51:57

Does your wheelchair fit you properly OP? Never really had bruises from mine or at least not in their areas.

I do have a pair of weightlifting gloves for days I’m going further then normal to help save my hands, might be worth looking at?

PerkingFaintly Fri 22-May-20 21:53:36

Mm, yeah, self-propelled have... issues.

I fantasize about strapping something to my forearms, 'cos my wrists do not love me after I've been out in the manual for a while. Surely this is a problem previously solved? I can't be the only one.

MoaningMinniee Fri 22-May-20 22:00:36

Self propelled wheelchairs to me look like a disaster waiting to happen. Narrow footprint so wobbly, tiny thin wheels so vulnerable to any surface irregularity. I used a proper mobility scooter for three months while recovering from surgery - it had a front bulkhead with lights and indicators and a bumper. I even had a (rather pathetic) horn. Proper tyres so it could cope with pot holes. I called it the Whizzy Beast... with a full battery charge it could do eight miles an hour and travel up to twenty miles! Inside shops I switched on the speed limiter to four mph max after a minor incident involving the lift door... Mine was a loan from local Lions Club, I understand it is now doing good service to another post -operative person.

Hazelnutlatteplease Fri 22-May-20 22:08:15

strapping something to my forearms

I suddenly thought of archery bracers like this. They are things archers strap to they arms to stop/reducing bruising from longbow strings. Leather medieval style ones can be really pretty.

Moondust001 Fri 22-May-20 22:18:14

I even had a (rather pathetic) horn
Oh my aren't they just? I am on my third scooter, all-terrain rough riders but not a single person has ever been able to hear the horns, hence having to yell "excuse me" at people!

PerkingFaintly Fri 22-May-20 22:19:02

Link didn't work, but I may look into it, Hazelnut, thanks.

What I really want is some kind of driver so I can push from my forearms, as my wrist joints can't take prolonged use. Hooks? I'm not sure how well they will work, because I'd probably have push the spokes not the driving wheels.

I have the chair because I'm overall feeble and have joint probs, so this isn't an area which will strengthen through practice.

Jasmin82 Fri 22-May-20 22:50:03

I have no idea how the bruises on my forearm happened!
I am going to try a cushion to lift me up slightly which should ease the pressure on the upper arms and prevent the bruising there.
I did consider a mobility scooter, but went with trying a self-propelled wheelchair as I can get it in and out of the car easier when I need to go longer distances. Also, It's easier to train a Resident Collie to walk next to a wheelchair because she's inherently lazy and a scooter she'd just want to jump on and ride!
If only people could be so easily trained to not just grab handles and start pushing you along. Especially when they grab the handle nearest the busy main road and almost send you into traffic (mutters swear words) and say they're "only trying to help."

VeniVidiWeeWee Fri 22-May-20 22:51:12

Just a thought, but those who say their horns aren't loud enough, Google motorcycle horns. You can get a 110 Db horns from £7 to £30. All 12v so should replace the original easily. Should also scare the bejesus out of inconsiderate idiots!

MoaningMinniee Sat 23-May-20 10:20:11

@VeniVidiWeeWee that would have been wonderful!!

PigletJohn Sat 23-May-20 13:38:00

I have used a self-propelled (you mean, the user reaches down and pushes the wheels round by hand?) wheelchair and it is hard work, but better than being stuck indoors.

You might possibly be able to get an electric one (not a mobility scooter) but they are quite heavy due to the batteries.

FridaKFangirl Sat 23-May-20 13:54:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FridaKFangirl Sat 23-May-20 14:08:54

Thank you @MNHQ! smile... Trying again without including my name!

Hi All,
Sorry to hijack the thread..I'm newish to MN and a little lost... I'm not wanting to make any assumptions, I consider myself a Disabled Person (I have a form of CP), and I'm wondering if there is a MN Talk Topic for DP/PWD as they TTC and become parents? I appreciate this is only how I view myself and I'm not assuming everyone in this thread has an impairment/disability. If there is a topic and anyone is able to point me to it I'd appreciate it though!

PerkingFaintly Sat 23-May-20 15:03:23

Welcome to MN, FridaKFangirl. Have a brew!

Try starting your own thread in with a very clear title, eg something like "Disabled and TTC? Join me here" (but you'll come up with something more catchy, I'm sure).

People tend to congregate in long-running threads, so you'll probably form your own friendly little quiche clique after a while.

Mrsjayy Sat 23-May-20 15:06:30

Your arm rests are too high or hard that is where the bruises come from did you get fitted?

DaisyDreaming Sat 23-May-20 15:06:39

Did you buy the chair or was it an nhs one? If your self propelling more than a tiny distance then you need to make sure it’s both the right chair for you and setup right. I’m guessing from your photos that those bruises are from the sides of the chair/arm rests that your hitting your arms against when self propelling. They can be lowered or removed

PerkingFaintly Sat 23-May-20 15:08:18

Just found a thread in the "Mumsnetters with SN" topic from someone asking similar!

You can attract the poster's attention using @DanceMagicDance1

FridaKFangirl Sat 23-May-20 15:11:35

Thanks @PerkingFaintly! Great advice, I'll definitely do this, most likely if/when I'm expecting as I suspect I'll have lots of questions re birth plan, equipment etc then.

Sending cake

FridaKFangirl Sat 23-May-20 15:12:28

Just seen your other post @PerkingFaintly smile Thanking you

Laundrywoman Sat 23-May-20 15:20:17

Horn you say? I clipped one of these on my scooter, they're fab.

PerkingFaintly Sat 23-May-20 15:31:53

Mmm, cake. grin

Jasmin82 Sat 23-May-20 15:39:26

@DaisyDreaming I bought the chair. I do have a cushion that I found (possibly my father's) that I'm going to try and see if it helps.

Mrsjayy Sat 23-May-20 18:08:14

Try the cushion should raise you a bit or if you feel safe enough take the arm rests off you might get a better propel.

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