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Hyperemesis and Waters breaking at 14weeks +3 PPROM

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DyingfromHG Fri 22-May-20 16:51:29

Hi, this is my second pregnancy. I have had a pretty horrendous pregnancy thus far. Horrendous hyperemesis from 5weeks onwards, ( to the point I would wish for death) hospitalised numerous times due to severe dehydration. With my DS hyperemesis eased at around 16/17 weeks so getting to 14 weeks was amazing, thinking not long until I can start enjoying it. 13 week scan was great, then one day I woke up with severe pain in my lower back which spread to lower abdomin. Pain was so severe it felt like I was in labour. I brushed it off and thought it must be due to the fact I have been bed bound now for over 2 months, thought this back pain was bound to happen. DH spent all day and night massaging the spot until it became too sore to touch. In the morning I thought I have to phone the doctors. Drs arranged for me to go back to the hospital. By then I started bleeding heavily and burning with fever. Anyway long story short, hospital admitted me for observation. Around 15hrs later I had a massive gush whilst laying in bed, I had so much water come out it leaked for atleast half hour. A scan the next day confirmed no waters around the baby. Drs have been very grim and said prognosis is not good and that baby wont develop without amniotic fluid and many risks to myself and the baby due to high risk of infection.Basically only thing to do now is induce labour. Normally after waters break they expect you to go into labour with 72hrs. For me it has now been 10days since waters breaking. Iv been on antibiotics due to infection but they have now finished. Today I have been bleeding again. At my scan 2 days ago baby still had no waters around it. Has anyone experienced this?? Please share your story. I am so scared and dont know what to do. There are some success stories and alot of unsuccessful stories online

BlueSuffragette Fri 22-May-20 17:27:28

Sorry OP that sounds really scary. I had hyperemesis and know how hideous it is. I have no experience about waters breaking so early but didn't want to just read and run. Best wishes to you. flowers

Elouera Fri 22-May-20 17:32:52

Sorry you are going through this. Are you still in hospital or at home now? Are you having regular scans? Sorry, no experience of things going well after waters break early, but hoping it works out ok for you though flowers

puppypuppypuppypuppy Fri 22-May-20 17:51:13

I have no advice, just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through this thanks

DyingfromHG Fri 22-May-20 18:02:28

@BlueSuffragette @Elouera @puppypuppypuppypuppy
Thank you. Appreciate it. No, I'm at home now. Stayed in hospital for 3 days and was sent home after that. Having weekly scans and blood tests now.

Thedogscollar Fri 22-May-20 18:06:19

OP I am so sorry to hear this. What the medics have told you is correct I'm afraid. Has anyone spoken to you about future care treatment with this pregnancy? The risks re infection/sepsis are increased so I do hope your are having medical input.

Pleatherandlace Fri 22-May-20 18:31:56

I’m really sorry this happened to me at 5 months.

JinxandBinx Fri 22-May-20 18:47:46

Sorry you’re going through this OP.
Just a bit of hope, I have delivered babies (yes premature, but only by a week or so) who have had their waters break early on in the pregnancy. Mums and babies have been ok, babies needed antibiotics after birth as a routine precaution.

It doesn’t always have a happy ending, but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your baby 🙏🏼

Midnightbuffet Fri 22-May-20 18:56:16

Hi OP,
So sorry that you are going through thisflowers
I have experienced early water breakage, so joined to share my experience. I’m in Scandinavia so the medical advice may differ.
My waters broke at 22+0 in 2018 and the doctors were also not very positive.
They said that the first 1,5 days after breakage was the most crusial regarding whether the labour would start. I was bed bound after the water broke, but luckily he stayed put until 32+4 where the labour started spontaneously. I remember a nurse saying that she had had a patient where the water broke at week 19 and gave birth at week 34. That gave me hope!
They said that until week 24 they couldn’t help the baby but survival chances would improve after that. The time felt like it passed so slowly and my husband and I gave each other a high five every night when we managed to complete another day.
The water will keep being replenished but will also keep leaking depending on where the “hole” is in the fetal sack. But I was
given growth scans every other week and even though the overall volume of water never increased, the baby always had water in its belly and bladder, so he was still managing to find water to drink which is important for development.
I remember how desperate and anxious I felt, and I can understand how everything must seem impossible but try to take one day at a time and stay positive.
I have a beautiful son, who’s 1,5 now and absolutely amazing.
The most important advices I can give is:
1. Stay positive - there is still plenty of hope
2. Do everything to reduce risk of infection - that is the biggest risk to induce labour. I was told that the due date was now 34+0 as then the risk for infection exceeded the positives in keeping the baby in the womb when the water had broken early. So don’t have your eyes set at 40+0, but take a day at a time
3. Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated and hopefully to increase the water around the baby. I read somewhere it has helped a woman in the same position, so what can it hurt? I drank at least 3 liters a day.

I really hope the little bean will stay put for as long as possible and hope you can keep your spirits up. You have the toughest months ahead and there will be dark moments but may they be few and short. Wishing you and your family all the best flowersflowersflowers

DyingfromHG Fri 22-May-20 21:34:41

@Thedogscollar @Pleatherandlace @JinxandBinx @Midnightbuffet
Hi mamas! Thank you all so much, I cant tell you how much I appreciate the advice! I feel so alone atm, DH and I talk but he has a very relaxed wait and see attitude towards everything and I'm a stress head and I feel as though I dont want to depress anyone by talking about my situation as it's so dire, I feel bad putting people in that situation.
I am actually back at the hospital tonight waiting to be assessed. Been having some bleeding since this morning and period like cramping..its funny as before this any sign of blood and I would've panicked and been on the phone to the drs but now it seems normal and I waited until later so DS left without me again. hubby wanted to come with but he wont be allowed in so had to drive myself up here as didnt want to disrupt DS routine if hubby came with, felt very sad having to drive myself up, I think that part has been very difficult, being given all this horrible news by myself as DH wasnt allowed in.

Yes I've read about drinking plenty of fluids too but it's soooo difficult with my hyperemesis, I am still struggling severely with sickness, currently taking cyclizine and ondansetron religiously just because I'm so worried about getting into the bad stage that I get too. Right now with everything that's going on I just wouldnt ne able to cope with it all!
I feel so depressed and feel I will need counselling after all this! I'm sorry I'm being so miserable but for some reason I feel I can tell all on here!!
Do you have any advice on what to avoid to avoid infections? I have been given no advice whatsoever from the doctors, I feel they believe the baby has no chance and have completely given up

Thedogscollar Sat 23-May-20 01:00:37

So sorry to hear you are in hospital again. Have you had a scan to determine how baby is? I really think you need to speak to a senior doctor to ask all your questions and what the risks to yourself and baby are.

A baby born at 24 weeks is viable but babies born before this gestation will sadly very rarely live. Please be kind to yourself I really feel you need support and more detailed information from professionals to support you in your decisions as you go forward. flowers

DyingfromHG Sat 23-May-20 04:20:35

Thank you. I'm back from the hospital, feeling extremely somber. dr said I can go home and come back if pains get any worse or bleeding gets heavier. And you're right, tonight my dr had a very Frank chat with me about how much serious risk I am putting myself at. I am already prone to infection due to another health condition and now even more so due to the premature rupture. I always knew this but have been holding out hope for a miracle even though I have been so scared about getting an infection especially as i have my son at home and he needs me too. I didnt want to live in regret hearing of success stories and thinking what if I never gave up on my baby but tonight the drs words really hit me. He said he has seen afew cases in his time of pprom from 18-19weeks continuing until 30weeks but even then the babies did not do well at all and the mothers normally had an infection which caused them to go into labour. He said medical advice was not based on the exception but the norm. I'm feeling soooo sad as I just cant accept this has to end like this!!! On the way out of the hospital you see so many mums with their bumps and I dont even have one yet. I wanted to feel my baby kick! And reality has finally hit me.

I have been trying to be positive but last night I watched a YouTube video from a couple who ppromed at 16 weeks, it was all going so well, they managed to get to 26 weeks but due to the lack of fluids baby had so many problems when born, they talked about how the baby had to have all these holes put into the chest for the lungs and how the baby looked to be in pain, after hearing that I just dont know if I can put my baby through all that if it manages to make it. All the success stories still involved so many operations the poor little thing has to go through, just thinking about it and the bleakness of it all, I just dont know if it's worth doing. I can't handle seeing it all. My last scan I could hardly make out the baby, it was so squashed without the water I felt like I was harming my tiny little baby by carrying on!It's so hard because I could hear the heartbeat.
I'm so lost.. dr said to call on monday once I've decided and I think I will have to go ahead and get induced. It is such a tough decision, hubby said he supports me in whatever I decide but he will not be allowed to be there when I am induced and he also wasnt there at the consultation.

DyingfromHG Sat 23-May-20 04:36:03

Im finding it so hard to let go as this pregnancy has been sooooo tough for me with the hyperemesis and getting to 14weeks was such an achievement! Alot of times it felt like I would never get there and I felt like giving up many times due to how unwell I felt! I know it sounds ridiculous but felt like I would die from it. Constant vomiting cause me to vomit blood from my vessels ripping from all the retching, so dizzy from the lack of food and water that I couldnt even shower. I have lost 2 stone in this pregnancy due to the sickness and I constantly told DH that this is the last time I can put myself through this.. sad

DyingfromHG Sat 23-May-20 04:37:37

I'm sorry for ranting ladies, I feel like I cant/dont want to say all this to anyone in person and it's so easy to talk to all you lovely people on here. Thank you for listening xxx

Zoeyclash Sat 23-May-20 05:08:36

You poor thing. I don't have anything useful to add I just wanted to send a message to give you a virtual hug to help you get through this difficult time. X

imabusybee Sat 23-May-20 05:24:06

Gosh OP I dont have any advice but just wanted to send a huge hug and lots of love. You are showing such great strength and I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. Just wish I could be more useful flowers

Pleatherandlace Sat 23-May-20 09:46:24

Reading your last post took me right back to 6 years ago when I was in the position you are in now. It is such a sad place to be but please know you are not “giving up”, this isn’t your fault or your choice. This pregnancy can’t be successful. I’m so sorry to say it but with a total loss of fluids at 14 weeks you can’t continue for another what, 10/12 weeks at least? You have people who love you and need you to be well. Continuing puts you at great risk.

DyingfromHG Sat 23-May-20 14:32:36

@Pleatherandlace I'm very sorry to hear you were in the same boat. If you dont mind me asking how long did you wait? And thank you so much for your kind words.

User57327259 Sat 23-May-20 14:57:30

Just don't want to read and run. Sending hugs to you and your family. Thoughts are with you. x

Thedogscollar Sat 23-May-20 16:07:40

Hi OP I'm so sorry to see you are still suffering, from what you have said it seems like the medics have had a frank conversation with you regards risks to yourself and baby if you choose to continue with your pregnancy.

I think in your heart of hearts you know this pregnancy is not going to be successful but I fully understand your feelings to want to keep going whilst your baby is alive.

I would discuss with the hospital re having your husband with you as nobody should have to go through this alone. You will need him for physical and emotional help.

In our unit we have a specialist bereavement suite with lounge, kitchen and double bedroom. If I could look after you myself I would. We offer bereavement councelling and follow up care.

You both deserve the best environment to have time with your baby and to say goodbye. I wish you well and hope your physical health returns to normal very soon. Your mental health will, in my experience, need time to heal and go through the grief process involved in losing what for you was the future for yourself and your wider family.

Pleatherandlace Sat 23-May-20 16:28:36

Hi op, I’m happy for you to ask me any questions if it will help at all. Y waters broke and I was advised to induce labour but couldn’t do it, basically for all the reasons you have stated yourself. I went home on bed rest but went into labour spontaneously after two weeks.

I made this decision as it felt right at the time. Obviously it goes without saying that you have to do what’s right for you, I personally would make a different choice now that I have children as I feel the risks to my health were too great given that I have responsibilities for others but again this is your decision and I hope you find support from those around you. I think you mentioned therapy in an earlier post? I think many hospitals now have specialist councillors in this field and I think speaking to one would be a really good idea when you are ready.

Rachie1973 Sat 23-May-20 16:34:47

I have no advice for you, just kind thoughts xxxx

DyingfromHG Sat 23-May-20 23:40:36

Aw I wish I had you looking after me! Are you a midwife?
I asked the dr last night about the process if I was to consider it and if my husband would be allowed in with me when I go into labour and he responded 'no, you wont be in labour, it will be a miscarriage, it wont be a long process' I felt so upset by what he said because i will be having contractions so i class that as labour and feel hubby should be allowed in especially if I will be in my own room sad and it will also be carried out in the emergency gyne ward. I'm currently 16 weeks. I think maybe the process is abit different after 17 weeks?

krispycreme Sun 24-May-20 00:43:48

So sorry you're going through this op.
I would absolutely fight to get your DH with you. I know someone who lost their baby girl at 16 weeks, it absolutely was labour and I know her and her DH sought comfort in being together and spending time with the baby afterwards in a special suite as @thedogscollar described. Have they mentioned spending time with the baby afterwards and creating keepsakes such as footprints if that's something you would like?

DyingfromHG Sun 24-May-20 01:03:18

@krispycreme thank you so much, I really needed to hear that as I didnt know if it would be unreasonable for me to insist in wanting hubby there especially with everything that's going on right now with the covid 19.
No they haven't mentioned anything about keepsakes etc.. from what the dr described it all sounded very clinical, more like an abortion than a very wanted baby who i dont want to do this to. He said 'we will put you in a room, induce you, it wont be labour, itll be a miscarriage, much quicker than labour as you dont have to push put out a big baby' angry so apparently DH doesn't need to be there. He said 'have a think what you want to do and call us Monday, I will inform the nurses so they have your file ready and we can arrange it'
There was no mention on a special suite. I will definitely enquire and if needs be I will wait until I'm 17 weeks if it makes a difference to my treatment as the thought of doing this alone is absolutely terrifying for me

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