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to worry about Y1 literacy being taught by TA with english as second language ?

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tomps Thu 20-Sep-07 10:03:19

Lots of dd's class have english as 2nd lang but a group including dd were separated out in reception and now in Y1 for literacy classes. Last year she was being taught by her current Y1 teacher, but this year she has a TA whose primary role at school is to liaise with turkish speaking families and give support to turkish kids in class. I just can't believe this is the best the school could offer or AIBU ?

Zazette Thu 20-Sep-07 10:17:28

The fact that English is not her first language doesn't in itself constitute a problem, so long as she is fluent in it now, and understands how it works. In fact, people who've learned English as a better language sometimes have a clearer, more systematic understanding of how it works than native speakers do.

Do you have evidence for believing that the TA is not up to the job?

tomps Thu 20-Sep-07 10:30:54

No, no reason to think she's not up to the job. Dd told me yesterday who is taking her literacy class and my instinctive thought was oh no, is she really the best person for the job ? This is within a whole heap of concerns I have generally about the school. I haven't spoken to this person for a while so I'm desperately trying to remember how good her english is !

heifer Thu 20-Sep-07 10:39:02

I agree that people speaking English as a second language can often make very good teachers.

Was your French teacher at school ever French? I know mine wasn't...

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