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To think disney+ is a bit expensive for what you get for £5 every single month

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zealua Fri 22-May-20 15:47:03

It has some good content and its high quality, but seems less than netflix and honestly I'm not sure I'll be continuing it. I thought we'd use it alot, but just havent. Anyone else finding it not that good?

chunkyrun Fri 22-May-20 15:53:03

I wouldn't have bothered if we wasn't in lockdown. I find Netflix great for tv series but not so much films, so it has filled a gap

livingthegoodlife Fri 22-May-20 15:59:53

I think I'll be cancelling v soon. Had it for 2 months but I think the content isn't enough.

AllsortsofAwkward Fri 22-May-20 16:00:32

We just cancelled it.

AMostExcellentStick Fri 22-May-20 16:02:48

Yes, not enough content on it, we won't be keeping it.

dirtyfries Fri 22-May-20 16:03:31

We've got it so DH can inflict the entire marvel franchise on me. Once we're done we'll cancel. To be fair, the marvel films are all still so expensive to rent/buy and so it does seem value as long as we don't keep it longer than needed

Runbitchrun Fri 22-May-20 16:03:52

We’ve only bothered because of lockdown. It’s been a chance to rewatch the Marvel films and see the remakes, but I’ll cancel soon.

MarieQueenofScots Fri 22-May-20 16:04:52

I bought it on special offer so got it for £49. I think that was well worth it (for Star Wars alone grin)but I doubt we'll pay for a second year.

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Fri 22-May-20 16:05:01

We bought the year at the discount offered before it launched. We use it a lot as DS is 4 so just entering the Disney and Marvel phase so we definitely feel it is value for money. Imagine we will keep it a few years until he is older at least.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Fri 22-May-20 16:05:45

We will cancel once we've watched the main bulk of the movies.

alittleprivacy Fri 22-May-20 16:07:03

I paid for it for the year because of lockdown. And I'm finding it extremely disappointing in that we don't have some of the US content I want. The Ducktales reboot is a huge hit in this house and I don't understand why only series 1, is on our geolocked version. I wanted to be able to legally watch series 3 as it came out and I can't. There are things I want to watch on it that are available in the US but not here. It's stupid, I'm happy to pay for stuff and not pirate it but if I'm not going to renew after this year because I'm not getting much that I actually want to watch.

MooseBreath Fri 22-May-20 16:07:20

It's been great for us. We don't have a DVD player or any DVDs. As a kid, I had VHS copies of nearly every Disney film (all of which are available on Disney+), so for me it's like reliving my childhood! Plus, DH now has access to Marvel, and the National Geographic content is decent!

19lottie82 Fri 22-May-20 16:08:19

It’s less that 20p a day 😂 if you don’t like it you can just cancel it, you’re not stuck in a contract.

therewillbelies Fri 22-May-20 16:10:34

We love it as we all love watching films and will re-watch the favourites. It's been great to watch films we might not ordinarily try. I think my kids (9&11) are a good age as they still like the animations but also love Star Wars and are getting into the marvel stuff

ScarfLadysBag Fri 22-May-20 16:10:34

I think it's pretty good value personally. You can just stop subbing when you're done surely? I bought the year one for £49 and think it was a bargain.

Aretheystillasleepbob Fri 22-May-20 16:10:47

depends how much you use it, our kids are still at the age where they'll watch the same film or programme repeatedly.

DdraigGoch Fri 22-May-20 16:12:39

I've watched hours of stuff on there already and I'm certainly not finished yet.

It's Amazon Prime that I'm thinking about cancelling. £79/year when the included TV/film offering is thin with little new added and you no longer get much in the way of delivery perks. If it wasn't for the music I'd certainly have ditched it.

fivesecondrule Fri 22-May-20 16:17:03

I paid the year in full. My DC love the MSM series a new episode comes out each week- they will rewatch the latest episode in the week. Been watching a few of the NG documentaries as it ties in to the school topic they have been set. We enjoyed the imagineering series as a family. Most of the classic films are on Sky which we have a full subscription too so so I did wonder if I was getting good value for money- however DC seem to think Frozen 2 is coming out on it in a few weeks so they'll keep them quiet for a while.

KitKat1985 Fri 22-May-20 16:21:46

I'm with you OP. The kids watched some stuff on it for a couple of weeks but seem to have lost interest in it now.

As an adult there's not that much to watch unless you are particularly into Marvel films.

I'd probably not spend £50 on it next year to be honest.

TheFuckingDogs Fri 22-May-20 16:34:21

Yes! It’s pretty rubbish! My child has completely ignored it since we got it

zoemum2006 Fri 22-May-20 16:47:19

It's been great for lockdown. Every night at 7pm we watch a movie and we rotate who picks. DH has finally got me to watch the Marvel and Star Wars movies and DD9 is working through Disney and Pixar. DD13 chose a few from there too.

We've seen dozens of movies on Disney+ so it's been worth it for us.

In different circumstances? Maybe not.

dancinfeet Fri 22-May-20 17:01:16

Am waiting for the showing of Hamilton in July, then we will be cancelling it.

HasaDigaEebowai Fri 22-May-20 17:04:28

We've seen most of whats on it anyway but we signed up for a month so that the DC could watch the mandalorian. I want to see Lady and the Tramp too. Other than that I think we've seen most of it before.

MarieQueenofScots Fri 22-May-20 17:05:20

I’ve actually loved watching movies from my childhood. Delightfully nostalgic.

vanillandhoney Fri 22-May-20 17:07:58

I think it's really, really good value for what you get.

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