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To ask - are you sending your toddlers back to nursery next month?

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Ethelfleda Fri 22-May-20 10:20:36

DS nursery has emailed to say they’re opening again on 1st June.
We have the first 10 days off as we were supposed to be going away so definitely won’t be sending him back early June. I’ve told the nursery to invoice us as usual so he has a place as we may send him back mid to end June but I really don’t know what to do for the best. We are both WFH and just about coping with that and parenting - our respective workloads aren’t huge but that could well change in the next few weeks.

Would you keep him away until breaking point?? Or until your employer started to question it? Or until it appears to have a detrimental effect on DS (who is 2.5) so far he has been absolutely fine at home...

Just after opinions and what others are doing?
The more the schools push against it, the more I’m thinking “well, if the schools aren’t happy having the little ones back then why are the nurseries”
But is that a flawed argument??

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 22-May-20 10:22:11

similar thread:

DappledThings Fri 22-May-20 10:22:16

Ours never left. I've been really happy that they've had as much continuation of routine as possible. Never considered pulling them out and I consider us really lucky we didnt need to.

GrumpySausage Fri 22-May-20 10:23:44

Yes my DD (nearly 2) will be going back from 1st June. My DS will also be returning to reception on 8tb June. (provided it all goes ahead).

OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 22-May-20 10:25:28

I’m sending my nearly 3 year old back. I personally think much of the U.K. is losing perspective, covid isn’t going anywhere and it’s something we will live with. I don’t believe the numbers justify the lockdown any further.
I don’t have any vulnerable people in my household though which is also why I am happy to send her back.
As for the argument that children are “fine” I think that’s a flawed argument as kids of such a young age can’t articulate their feelings, and the repercussions of such a lockdown will likely not manifest themselves straight away. I want my daughter to have some normality, to socialise and learn again.

I will stress though every household and situation is different and we are all making the best decisions we can.

SarahAndQuack Fri 22-May-20 10:26:47

Yes, I will. DP still has to go in to work and I am going to lose my career if I can't get more work done, simple as that. She is missing it like crazy, too, which makes me feel so sorry for her.

AnxiousAnnie13 Fri 22-May-20 10:27:38

Yep, my 11 month old DD will definitely be going back. It was never even a question for us

katmarie Fri 22-May-20 10:31:07

Ds's nursery is taking 3 and 4 year olds from June and the rest from July. So ds who is 2, is currently down to go back in July. I'm not sure yet though, ds hasn't seen his grandparents for 10 weeks, and if he goes back to nursery, then I wont be able to take him to see them at all due to the risk. I'm on mat leave until september so he doesn't have to go back, so I am torn really. He loves nursery and it's good for him, but you can say the same about his grandparents, and while nursery will be here in September, I worry that my 74 year old dad might not be. It's a dilemma I'm spending a lot of time worrying about.

DelurkingAJ Fri 22-May-20 10:31:49

Yes. DSs are going back to childcare as our CM has said she’ll have them both as I’m officially a key worker so she can (preschool for DS2, who is 4 is also back on and he’s going). We are both WFH FT and it’s been a long way from ideal, particularly for DS2 as much of the focus has been keeping DS1 up on his school work.

Agree with PP, this is easier for us as we’re not vulnerable, nor is anyone in our immediate family whom we’re likely to see. And DSs are missing CM and sick of the sight of DH and me.

GrizzlebumsMum Fri 22-May-20 10:34:04

I’m not, not yet. For similar reasons to the previous poster. My 18 month old hasn’t seen his grandparents for months. They all have underlying health conditions and all ages between 75-80. We want to see our family before we start circulating more widely in public, including nursery and work.

YouSetTheTone Fri 22-May-20 10:36:58

Yes, 4 year old starting school in September and 1 year old who’s a (loveable) pain in the arse. Getting these two back to nursery three days a week will make a world of difference for DH and I who wfh. Still got the 8yr old here to home school but that’ll be a piece of piss compared to looking after all of them while trying to work.
Community transmission is low and none of the parents use public transport to get to nursery. Most wfh.
I know I’ll be anxious (at least initially) as it’s a step out of our bubble but I’m also looking forward to it. I think it’ll be good for DC too, they both loved nursery! My 4yr old needs more craft play and prep for school in terms of routines and activities and less CBeebies...

KitKat1985 Fri 22-May-20 10:37:00

Yes we are. DD1 (3.5 years) is very outgoing and really struggling with the lack of contact from other children. I think it will be really good for her. I also think we have to accept that Covid is going to be around indefinitely now, and get back to some sort of normality at some point.

MindyStClaire Fri 22-May-20 10:46:04

I'm in NI so ours won't be open, but if they were I would happily send two year old DD back. We need the childcare for work, we're both wfh and falling behind. And she needs the socialisation, I've started to notice some worrying changes in her behaviour in the last week or two when we're out for our walks.

We don't reeaaallly need it as I'll be going on maternity in a few weeks and we can muddle through until then, but it would be helpful, and the stability and stimulation of nursery will be helpful for the adjustment to a new sibling as well I think.

We can continue to wfh (/I'll be off anyway) so I'm comfortable with the risk of her mixing at nursery. It's a lot less than the risk many keyworker families have taken all along.

Sexnotgender Fri 22-May-20 10:47:39

I don’t know 🙁 my older daughter is in the shielding category and I don’t know what to do for the best.

Poniesandgin Fri 22-May-20 10:48:01

No I won’t be but I work night shift so it does not effect my ability to work like some people!

LynseyLou1982 Fri 22-May-20 10:48:18

Yes my DS is 2 and he will go back on 1st June. It want an easy decision to make at all. I'm WFH full time and my husband is currently furloughed so is doing all the childcare but he could be asked to go back to work if the hospitality industry can start to open from 4th July. Our nursery have sent their proposed plan and safety measures and we're happy that they're doing all they can to keep him safe. Plus they've been open to key workers kids all along and no staff or kids/parents have gotten ill. I'm pregnant so did worry about the risk of him bringing it home with him but like others have said Covid isn't going anywhere anytime soon so we need to start learning to live along side it.

DontStandSoCloseToMe Fri 22-May-20 10:48:25

Would love to, DH and I have been working full time in and out of the house all along, but our nursery has emailed to say they're only taking back those going up to school in September in June, they might take younger ones in July. They've not been open for keyworkers at all

MummBraTheEverLeaking Fri 22-May-20 10:53:59

Yes, although cutting down days as DH hasn't found a job yet but we can sustain this for a while longer and give DH time to focus on finding work and me to catch up on mine. There doesn't seem to be a staggered return at ours, although the option to defer for a month at a reduced fee has been given.

UterusesBeforeDuderuses Fri 22-May-20 10:54:52

I'm on mat leave and DH is WFH but we are going to be sending nearly 2 yo DS back to nursery a couple days a week when they reopen, not for our benefit (although I admit balancing him and a newborn has been stressful at times and a break would be good), but for him, he's getting frustrated with not seeing anyone and we think it's more important that he gets back to some form of normality and has social interactions with children again

Battenburg1978 Fri 22-May-20 10:55:45

Yes! Echoing what KitKat says above, we are going to have to learn to love with Covid and WFH with DD watching way too much tv is no good for any of us. The decision is easier for us in that none of us are vulnerable nor have elderly relatives nearby that we’d be missing out on visiting.

Ethelfleda Fri 22-May-20 11:07:32

We are in the midlands, albeit a suburban area and DS’ nursery is in a little village. It’s small with a large garden and their measures have been communicated and seem reasonable.
I just keep thinking we should wait until we ‘are at breaking point’ ??
I would like to send him back. I always thought we would as soon as they reopened but now it’s happening, I’m not so sure...

myself2020 Fri 22-May-20 11:10:41

My 3 year d is going. my oldest is in year 2, and will be going as soon as he can. Their mental health is important

timeforawine Fri 22-May-20 11:11:07

Yep my 3.5 year old is going back, village nursery outside York. She's desperate to back

Travellingraspberry Fri 22-May-20 11:18:19

Yes, DS is in reception and will be back to school and DD nearly 2 will be returning to nursery. DH and I have been managing to take it in turns to work but DH will be back in the office full time soon. My work have been so accommodating but I feel like I'd be taking advantage if I didn't send DD back to nursery as there's no way I'd be able to get much work done with her around.

hammeringinmyhead Fri 22-May-20 11:26:59

No, because I was made redundant in March and we emailed back to nursery that we are happy for the limited June places to go to working parents. However we have said that we will send him back in July. Unfortunately I don't think his grandparents will want to see him when he is mixing with other kids but I have already lost one job opportunity a few weeks ago, due to having no childcare start date, so we're going to have to choose between the two.

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