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It's definitely a conspiracy!!!

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Blahblahidontcare Fri 22-May-20 08:21:39

Seriously!! Do my kids want to kill me?? If I take a night off, which means stay up late to paint my nails or have a bath, I always hope the kids will wake up late. Because it's either sleep or self care, there's no both.
But no, never 6am and PING!! When I could do with more sleep. So this morning I wake at 6am PING waiting for the usual stampede but no.... nothing....still nothing....I could have lay in bed for 2.5 extra hours....or could I?? Because of course if I did that then they would most certainly wake up at 6am then!

wehaveafloater Fri 22-May-20 08:23:24

Yup, welcome to the world of Sod's law ! At least your toes look pretty !!

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