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Puddlesuits - thoughts please?? (overthinking)

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hulahoopqueen Fri 22-May-20 06:13:23

How much use do you actually get out of them? Have been ummimg and ah-ing for a while over whether to get one. With the 25% sainsburys clothes offer I thought I’d bite the bullet, but still can’t see how much use it would get. Our kids all play outside a fair bit, and we have maybe once a year weekend camping trips where they’d probably get used.
Please vote:
YABU: I use one all the time go for it you won’t regret it
YANBU: fucks sake woman get offline and go back to bed, use a normal waterproof coat

MeerkatMolly Fri 22-May-20 06:15:14

No voting enabled but my daughter is 4 and uses them and I would definitely recommend investing!

ChaosMoon Fri 22-May-20 06:20:20

I use Dad's every day when it's wet. She was walking at 9 months, so wobbly all through the winter and I didn't want to stop her walking outside because of the weather. I'll get her a new one next autumn although I'm not sure I'll bother through the summer. I'll just take a change of clothes as it's warm enough not to matter of she just gets a bit wet.

Elderflower14 Fri 22-May-20 06:22:21

I bought my friends grandson a splashsuit for his birthday... He's 4.

Snaleandthewhail Fri 22-May-20 06:24:33

I wouldn’t get one this time of year, but if you’re out and about a lot with under 5s in the autumn And winter they’re great.

Make slides very slippy if you use them in the wet though!

I bought some from a company called ielm online following a friends recommendation - loads of colours and liners too.

Oh and don’t leave them wet and mouldering in the boot if you suddenly don’t drive anywhere for weeks due to a global pandemic...

Landlubber2019 Fri 22-May-20 06:25:46

I bought them for the kids when younger fabulous for puddle jumping, scootering and similar.

NannyR Fri 22-May-20 06:30:08

I think they are worth buying, especially if you go up a size so you'll get plenty of wear out of it. If you can afford it I would suggest going for a decent waterproof one from somewhere like muddy puddles or JoJo maman bebe. The cheaper, nylon type ones are only really shower proof and don't keep them dry in heavy rain or when they decide to sit in a puddle!

mynameisntlouise Fri 22-May-20 06:33:54

My son had to have one for nursery before he could walk, so he could crawl out in the garden.

We use it a lot so he can play out in the garden or go puddle jumping when it's wet without having to worry he's going to get soaked and cold within minutes, so he can enjoy himself longer.

The one we bought has lasted him ages though, you can buy big and roll the arms/legs up and then when it's a little on the short side it doesn't matter as long as it goes over the top of their wellies!

Boots and Sainsbury's Tu do them if you keep an eye on when they have a discount off they're really reasonable.

hulahoopqueen Fri 22-May-20 06:38:30

Wow that’s a lot of positive replies for the puddlesuit! Off I go to sainsburys then 🥳 And thank you @Snaleandthewhail that gave me a good laugh!

TildaTurnip Fri 22-May-20 06:41:13

Ours use them loads!

BertieBotts Fri 22-May-20 06:41:17

They are worth it but they are pretty expensive in the UK. Look into getting one second hand or keep an eye on Lidl/Aldi. They are absolutely standard toddler wear in Germany so seem to be cheaper from here. They tend to have the style of waterproof dungarees rather than an all over suit, which works much better because the strap part can be adjusted so they fit a wider age range, rather than being outgrown after one season.

user1495884620 Fri 22-May-20 06:42:35

It depends where you are. We are in the east and get very little rain (ok, last winter was an exception!) so mine rarely used even wellies and waterproofs. If you live towards the west of the country, it's probably a different story.

NannyR Fri 22-May-20 06:53:10

Oh yes, Lidl do fantastic kids waterproofs, well worth looking out for when they are in store.

Wigglegiggle0520 Fri 22-May-20 06:56:17

Puddlesuits and snowsuits get a lot of use here. I usually get trespass ones.

concernedforthefuture Fri 22-May-20 06:57:27

I found them great from walking age to potty training - so about a year in total. We switched to salopette/ dungarees and separate jackets thereafter.

HavelockVetinari Fri 22-May-20 06:58:57

We don't use DS' much at this time of year (too warm) but it's invaluable most of the year for hiking, puddle jumping, days out when it's wet.

Stonerosie67 Fri 22-May-20 07:06:16

Yep, when ds was small he was like a magnet to puddles, my parents bought him his Puddlejumper and he wore it loads, could dive into as many puddles as he wanted then grin

Camomila Fri 22-May-20 07:11:41

I would say good for toddlers in nappys, but after that waterproof trousers/dungarees plus coat are more practical.

Something I've found to be really useful (though wrong season!) was an all in one ski suit with removable fleece bit. Wore the ski suit all winter then took the fleece bit out and used the outside bit as a puddle suit.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 22-May-20 07:12:08

Useful, esp in autumn- spring. Even when it's just damp, stops them becoming covered in mud stains.

My DDs are 7&8 and they still have waterproof trousers. Seeing how muddy they get in the woods, I'd hate to see how many trousers would get ruined without them.

(Btw, tights are a great base layer under them rather than trousers for toddlers)

Fred578 Fri 22-May-20 07:14:08

They are great. Means you can take them out for a walk even when it’s raining and they get home lovely and dry. It also stops clothes getting ruined in muddy weather

Clockworkprincess Fri 22-May-20 07:20:22

We bought a size bug and ours lasted two years. Currently hunting one down for september for the walk to school, bit of a struggle sizewise as he is now in 5-6 clothes, but know we will get use out of it for days out and its handy to keep in the bag at all times.

BillywilliamV Fri 22-May-20 07:22:35

Yep, buy at least three sizes too big, with elasticated cuffsand ankles. Ours lasted about 6 years!

Stingeray Fri 22-May-20 07:23:38

I have a sainsbury's waterproof one with a fleece lining. Great for autumn. Worth bearing in mind they are not totally waterproof but I used it all the time for muddy puddle walks

Sipperskipper Fri 22-May-20 07:23:46

They are brilliant. DD always runs and splashed through the deepest puddles she can find, which wellies alone wouldn’t take. It means I don’t have to warn her away from big puddles etc, she can just do what she likes! Also great for climbing / the park when everything is wet.

I realised this year though that she hadn’t been warm enough in previous years - the suits are just a thin, waterproof material. I bought a fleece lined one (was more expensive though) and has been fantastic.

Blacksideupanddownagain Fri 22-May-20 07:30:11

We use puddle suits spring/autumn and they're great for muddy or wet days. My 2 year old years his in the buggy on the school run as he hates his rain cover now.

In the winter we invest in thermal waterproof dungarees (Lidl sell them for £7, Jojo Bebe Maman also sell great quality but £30 ), with normal winter coat over the top.

With puddle suits it's hard to put a coat under/over so a thin fleece without a hood is handy (we always have these anyway for wearing in the car seats in winter) but they're not really warm enough for when the weather gets really cold.

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