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Trying to work out how many people are still following the lockdown rules

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newmane40593 Thu 21-May-20 23:41:14

So it turns out nearly every member of mine and DH family are not following the lockdown rules in some way. I only found out today by chance with some of members of my family after hearing them in the background whilst on the phone to my mum.

According to Dsis the vast majority of people are breaking the rules in some way.

I Thought people might be honest on a thread like this which is anonymous.
So AIBU to think most people are breaking the rules?
Please vote AIBU if your sticking to the rules.
YANBU if you are breaking them.

Playdonut Fri 22-May-20 00:43:26

It's still very quiet in london. I think most people are sticking to the rules and destroying themselves in the process.

Fiveletters Fri 22-May-20 00:52:35

Sticking to the rules although most of the neighbours seemed to have stopped now.

PipGirl404 Fri 22-May-20 00:57:56

I've started going to see my mum once a week, and I don't follow social distancing when I see her.

Apart from her I haven't seen anyone else outside the household.

SquirtleSquad Fri 22-May-20 00:58:27

The old couple in front of me in Sainsburys today hugged a woman in the cheese aisle and then said "we won't hold you up now but hopefully we will see you at the bbq later on!"
He also tapped one of the guys working in there on the shoulder to ask where the cocktail cherries were grinhmm

We are sticking to the rules but it seems most aren't. We live next to one of the most popular beaches and it is full of people/tourists/campervans down here with very little social distancing.

2468whodoyouappreciate Fri 22-May-20 01:05:12

We are at home full time. Only venturing out for the odd walk and a Tesco click and collect. We are in Wales though which is still on a full lockdown..

UpsyDaisysarmpit Fri 22-May-20 01:07:41

Yes, I am sticking to the rules. We did drop by my mum's street a few days ago for the only time and have a chat from the garden gate some 5m away from her sitting on her doorstep. That is as close as we've got to stretching the rules. She is shielding and needed us to bring a few essentials.
1. Next door had family round in the front garden today and yesterday. All bloody day. I knew because there's a little boy and he doesn't live with them, and they were playing with him in the garden.

2. My mum has had my brother visit (no kids) and sit on the other side of the long back garden. She hasn't mentioned it to me as she thinks I will judge. Unfortunately she forgets she wasn't telling me and stuff slips out all the time hmm

omgshoes Fri 22-May-20 01:12:01

Still following the rules with my DH (we both WFH) and DS 15 even though I am 100 per cent sure we have all had it in Feb. DS was one of the italy ski trip kids which I think bought it back to the UK in droves. Our small town has a care home with 16 deaths.

ParkheadParadise Fri 22-May-20 01:12:52

I've mostly followed the rules apart from my visits to the cemetery. I don't come into contact with anyone, although when I was there earlier today several people must have decided to take their daily exercise in the cemetery.
Only other place i have been is the supermarket.
Last month on my birthday several family members left presents on the doorstep and we chatted from a distance.
In my local area it looks like most people have gave up with lockdown.

Ipadipod Fri 22-May-20 01:19:33

I’m still following the rules but have seen a Neighbour having a large birthday party today, an ice cream van came down our road and lots of people queued up with no social distancing , another neighbour has been having friends and family over for a few weeks now.

LilacTree1 Fri 22-May-20 01:35:02

Op this is a case where I wonder

Do you mean breaking lockdown law or lockdown “guidelines”?

Using a pp example, the ice cream van is legal as it’s selling food, social distancing in a queue is a guideline. That’s my understanding.

Having a hairdresser come round would be breaking the law, I think? Though tbh they’ve made such a mess of the law, I don’t know for sure anymore.

newmane40593 Fri 22-May-20 14:44:07

I suppose I meant any government advice and law @LilacTree1

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 22-May-20 14:46:34

I have met more than one person outdoors for a walk.

BogRollBOGOF Fri 22-May-20 14:55:08

Still following the law and most guidelines.

I did exercise myself and supervise exercise the exercise of the DCs when it was advised to exercise once per day. My DCs aren't up for 10 mile runs for some reason.

I haven't socialised outside the household other than on VE day at an appropriately spaced, civilised gathering on the green by our houses.

Family isn't close enough to risk a flying visit to their garden. I haven't seen any family beyond my household since February.

No nearby beach for a good flocking or flouring.

Had some passing small talk with some pleasant street drinkers yesterday. They knew it was calendestine, but the risks are low and I can't get my knickers in a twist about it.

I want to be able to see friends in proper family/ friendship groups again. Most local friends are being overworked in key roles to spare the time and energy to consider a meet-up in a park.

Mrswalliams1 Fri 22-May-20 14:57:28

We are following it but I do not know a single person who is. Makes me mad

MynephewR Fri 22-May-20 14:58:20

Following them very reluctantly. The only reason I haven't seen anyone outside my household is because I don't have the balls to ask them if they want to break the rules with me grin

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Fri 22-May-20 15:35:57

I've seen several friends and family members this week but all outside.

I feel so much happier for having done so. Before that I hadn't seen anyone for nearly two months as I live alone.

cantdothisnow1 Fri 22-May-20 15:39:07

I've flouted them by sitting in my mums garden at 2 meters distance. Haven't done anything else illicit.

DarkMintChocolate Fri 22-May-20 15:40:35

We are following the rules, and so are our family and all our neighbours, as far as we can see!

Twigletfairy Fri 22-May-20 15:43:41

I'm still following them. Easy for me though, I'm not close to my family so not seeing them for several months is nothing new

Blobby10 Fri 22-May-20 15:43:44

I followed the rules mostly - but saw OH last Sunday-Monday then Tues-Weds for the first time in over 6 weeks. He lives alone and has been naturally isolating as a grumpy sod grin. Have been visiting parents as work with dad and need his input on stuff to do with production but no hugs or kisses and have remained outside wherever possible and/or at 2m distance. Don't have any friends so that's not been an issue!

I did shop for gin the other week which some may or may not consider essential - does that mean I broke the rules? 🤔🤔

Crystal87 Sat 23-May-20 11:52:22

My mum has been sitting in my front garden ( not coming in the house) and watching the kids while I go to the shop. It's getting harder to get shopping with having 4 kids and a DP back in full time work. I could technically take them all with me but it's frowned upon and I don't want to take them in packed places.

Turnedouttoes Sat 23-May-20 11:54:41

We’ve broken them to have friends sit in our front garden. It’s far away from the pavement and accessed by hopping over a small hedge so not really any different to sitting 2m away in a park

bigchris Sat 23-May-20 11:58:10

@ParkheadParadise not sure why you think you're breaking the rules by visiting the cemetery

Plus people can go out to exercise as many times as they like

SerenDippitty Sat 23-May-20 12:04:18

We had some friends around to sit in our garden, which is accessible by a side gate.

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