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Date tomorrow and feeling meh

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ShambalaHambala Thu 21-May-20 23:13:33

Been seeing a guy for a while before lock down. Had a socially distanced date the other day and it was nice, but I felt self conscious and awkward, and not being able to touch or kiss each other was a bit odd. My hair is in desperate need of a cut (it's short and shaved on the sides) and is a bit of a mess at the moment. I love my hair as it brings me confidence and it's making me feel nervous to even go on this date because of how awful it looks atm (I know, it is only hair, but I can't help how I feel).

What can I do that will boost my confidence? Can't go to the shop to buy new makeup. Can't buy a lovely new outfit. I just need something small to focus on to make myself feel more confident. Any creative ideas?

Anniethehalforphan Thu 21-May-20 23:14:56

Shave your whole body and put on sexy underwear. Instant confidence boost in my experience!

ShambalaHambala Thu 21-May-20 23:17:53

@anniethehalforphan oh man I definitely don't have time for that 😅 I actually like a bit of body hair too!

Forgivenandsetfree Thu 21-May-20 23:32:06

You do have time, make it! Tell him what you're doing/wearing..I bet he would love it...not being able to touch eachother can be pretty sexy 😁x

WhatBecomesOfTheBrokenHearted Thu 21-May-20 23:34:37

'shave your whole body'


Inituntiltheend Thu 21-May-20 23:35:19

Wear fake tan? Or if all else fails have a few g&ts

Jumpjumpjumper Thu 21-May-20 23:36:35

'shave your whole body'


Why? Some people like hair. Some don't. I much prefer not having hairy legs and armpits.

crimsonlake Thu 21-May-20 23:39:42

I would wait until lockdown is over personally.

Fallsballs Thu 21-May-20 23:47:46

Do you mean shave your head too and appear in Ann Summers ? Wouldn’t do much for my confidence.

Anniethehalforphan Thu 21-May-20 23:48:26

@WhatBecomesOfTheBrokenHearted sorry I wasn’t trying to tell the OP that she shouldn’t have hair. I was just saying that when I shave, I feel a lot more silky and smooth and confident. It wasn’t trying to shame anyone for not shaving, it’s just what works in my experience

Anniethehalforphan Thu 21-May-20 23:49:16

@Jumpjumpjumper that’s fine, I was just saying what works for me and makes me feel better

Anniethehalforphan Thu 21-May-20 23:50:49

@Jumpjumpjumper sorry just reread your post and realised you were agreeing with me!

FOJN Fri 22-May-20 01:19:45

Do you ever wear anything on your head? A stylishly wrapped scarf might help you feel less self conscious about your hair. I would hope it doesn't matter one bit to your date but understand you want to feel confident.

user1473878824 Fri 22-May-20 01:39:50

Glass of wine before your date! I get that it must be weird.

user1473878824 Fri 22-May-20 01:40:41

But also he likes you enough to be socially distancey dating you with no chance of a snog or a shag so 👍🏻

1forAll74 Fri 22-May-20 02:38:03

Just go, and don't worry about a thing. You know that a personality is worth more than a bit of bad hair, or fancy clothes. Your date might be a bit lock down not spruced up either..

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 22-May-20 02:40:31

Do something with your head. Inside and out. Scarf if you don't have clippers, shave the sides if you do.

And watch something a little racy on Netflix.

VenusTiger Fri 22-May-20 03:14:19

Can't you buy make up or an outfit online? Chemist?
Wear your fave perfume.
He'll understand the hair, so wear some nice lippy and sunglasses - he's not going to be staring at the sides of your head.

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