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to think antibody certificates might be a bad idea

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chomalungma Thu 21-May-20 18:24:25

Hancock mentioned this 'slightly' in the briefing today. Talking about certification if you get a test and what you might be able to do.

Sounds good if you are positive - but it might well encourage people who think they would get a mild disease to try to get infected or to be less cautious if they think that this will give them an advantage

Not just me who thinks this.

Some employers maydiscriminate on the basis of antibody status. This might includenot permitting those testing Antibody Negative to return to work, or only taking on new staff with Antibody Positive test results. Work may also be allocated among employees based on test status with, for example,customer-facing work being allocatedto those who have tested Antibody Positive. In some circumstancesthis may be appropriate, but in others this might constitute adverse discrimination. This risk applies across all occupational sectors. 4.System GamingIf a test result is a requirement for a resumption of work, a range of strategies to ‘game’ the system mayarise. These include people deliberately seeking out infection or attempting to purchase a fake test result, commercial organisations selling unapproved tests, or approved tests becoming available through private organisations at prices that make them unavailable to mos

iklboo Thu 21-May-20 18:36:04

'Show us your papers' ring any bells?

chomalungma Thu 21-May-20 18:40:37

I am surprised none of the media picked up on that. Maybe they will tomorrow?

geekone Thu 21-May-20 18:48:56

It’s really pointless anyway, there is no knowing that having Covid means you won’t get it again. Antibodies may offer 3 months to a year of immunity, but then again it might not. Most of the common colds we get are 2 different coronavirus. Every year! There may be no immunity to this unless a vaccine is produced. Antibodies may or may not be worth tracking.

chomalungma Fri 22-May-20 08:41:35

Daily Mail top headline on its website

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