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Morrisons deliveries - ??

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RusticaRubra Thu 21-May-20 17:16:38

Sorry but posting here for traffic.

I have been trying to get a delivery slot for my 84 year old dad who is 300 miles away from me. He is not shielding but still, I don't want him going out as he has a bad knee and lives in a Coronavirus hot spot.

Am I missing something with their slots. They are 3 days slots, then next 3 days and nothing beyond this. Never a slot available. Bloody frustrating.

Is there some kind of secret like they come available at 12 midnight or something?

vanillandhoney Thu 21-May-20 17:24:45

They seem to appear totally at random.

Every time I look there are slots available but I suppose it must differ depending on area.

SunflowerSeedsForever Thu 21-May-20 17:26:37

Have you tried contacting them?

Here the co-op is on deliveroo?

ivykaty44 Thu 21-May-20 17:31:01

Phone his local council and ask them how to get him registered as a vulnerable person - he is due to age

Then once registered with them you should be able to get priority slots for home delivery

I direct messaged sainsbury on Twitter and they rang me eventually- now I can get some slots but even now it’s tricky and I email head office

Try messaging Morrison’s on Twitter to see if you can get help

IndecentFeminist Thu 21-May-20 17:31:13

I can see weeks ahead when I look, what does your screen look like?

IndecentFeminist Thu 21-May-20 17:31:36

And does he drive? Their click and collect is very good.

Sexnotgender Thu 21-May-20 17:32:46

Morrison’s slots come on at 6am.

JacobReesMogadishu Thu 21-May-20 17:35:34

Do they prioritise people with a delivery pass? I have a pass and can always see slots, not sure if there are just lots of my slots in my area for all though?

Sexnotgender Thu 21-May-20 17:38:18

Plenty slots in my area. I stopped using them and switched to Asda though as I really struggled to get basics like onions, fruit etc. Seriously one week their online shop had NO fruit available.

Roselilly36 Thu 21-May-20 17:39:24

Have a look at Morrison’s food boxes, they are pretty good, could be good for your Dad. Until you can get a priority delivery slot with the supermarket.

Secrets123 Thu 21-May-20 17:41:12

Can you try Tesco etc? I can almost always get one with Asda too

Roselilly36 Thu 21-May-20 17:42:05

@Sexnotgender I totally agree, I have switched to Asda too, much more choice & better subs etc

Zeitgei5t Thu 21-May-20 17:43:55

Have you clicked on the calendar button to see all available slots? I think the main screen just shows next 3 days then there's a button which says calendar above this. Plenty in my area but you need to book two weeks in advance.

TheGreatWave Thu 21-May-20 17:46:28

When I go on it tells me when the next available slot in the area is, but it is usually a couple of weeks in advance.

fairislecable Thu 21-May-20 17:48:43

I have a vulnerable and shielding 85 year old neighbour it took many phone calls and emails to get him on any deliveries, after 4 weeks he received a free box of food from the local council.
Once that happened he became eligible for deliveries from Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

However, when he refused the further free food box he was removed from the vulnerable lists!

Much phoning ensued.

Igottastartthinkingbee Thu 21-May-20 17:50:03

I had a nightmare getting a delivery slot for the first 6-7 weeks of lockdown. But the last couple of weeks have suddenly become much easier. I don’t know if I’ve been put on some sort of priority regular customer type list or they’ve increased their delivery capacity. The food boxes are meant to be very good and delivery of these is usual much easier than a normal shop delivery

scoobyd2 Thu 21-May-20 17:50:20

I read somewhere Morrisons let delivery pass/priority customers see something like 3 weeks ahead, everyone else can just see 3 days. As per a pp try Asda, they show 2 weeks ahead and seem to add the next slots at 10pm. As well as the boxes, some Morrisons now do a selection of groceries same day via Deliveroo, but only certain stores and you have to be within 2.5 miles.

Megatron Thu 21-May-20 17:51:21

They're bloody impossible to get - I got one about 6 weeks ago and haven't managed since. I've given up.

slartibarti Thu 21-May-20 17:52:21

IMO Morrisons has been the easiest right from the start of lockdown.
My 94 year old grandmother has no problem getting slots with Morrisons, she orders every 1-2 weeks. She isn't registered as vulnerable or shielding, not sure if they know her age but if they do perhaps that's the reason.

LipstickTaserrr Thu 21-May-20 17:52:46

I couldn't access my account so I made a new one and it showed 3 days only with no availability. At the exact same time my mum's account was showing multiple slots for every day two weeks ahead and she isn't on any registered lists for priorty.

Sparklingplasters Thu 21-May-20 17:54:11

Have you tried Iceland?

PickUpAPickUpAPenguin Thu 21-May-20 17:55:37

Have you tried other supermarkets? I think Tesco is the supermarket with the most slots.

Also have you registered him with the supermarkets as elderly/Vulnerable?

Allmyeye Thu 21-May-20 17:58:31

I see exactly the same as you OP. While I’m waiting it usually says limited slots available but I only ever see three days and there are no slots. I’ve stopped trying.

Toomuchtrouble4me Thu 21-May-20 17:59:40

i find that with Sainsburys - they can only do next day.

ToothFairyNemesis Thu 21-May-20 18:02:31

@RusticaRubraYou can only register with Sainsbury’s if you are elderly . Everywhere else you have to be shielding.
Have you tried this op ?
Morrisons Customer Services team have set up a dedicated elderly and vulnerable phone line for those customers to place an order over the phone.

They can place an order from a selection of 45 essential groceries for doorstep delivery.

The order is then matched to a local store who picks the order and delivers it directly to the customer the following day.

If you have friends or family in need of this help and are unable to shop in store, please ask them to call 0345 611 6111 and select option 5 to place an order for Doorstep delivery.

The order will take 24 hours to process, and payment will be taken through a contactless card by the delivery driver. No contact with the driver will be made and the machine will be placed on a wall etc for people to put their cards into.

This service is available 8-4pm Mon-Friday excluding bank holidays.

Milk 2 pints
oranges /tangerines /clementines
chicken breast fillets
unsmoked bacon

Tinned corn beef
Beef mince
beef oxo cubes
beef gravy granules
ready salted crisps multipack
custard creams
tin chopped tomatoes
tomato soup
self raising flour

diet lemonade
Diet Coke
frozen chips
frozen scampi
frozen peas
cottage pie ready meal
lasagna ready meal
toilet roll
kitchen roll
Ariel liquid

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