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To ask - have you get any strategies of coping with lockdown?

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BridgeofAllan Thu 21-May-20 15:35:18

I'm self isolating alone so am finding things lonely at times. My own personal coping strategy is pretending it's 2008!! The reason for this is - between August and December 2008 I was in bleak, quite scary circumstances but I kept things going with a fitness programme, kept doing part time courses which hopefully would lead to me finding employment, etc. Luckily, my stoicism in the face of adversity paid off and my circumstances improved significantly in 2009 and in 2010 I was honestly 'living my best life' (as per that lovely social media cliche!!). So in other words, back at the end of 2008 I really didn't think my life would improve at all - but I kept going and my circumstances VERY surprisingly improved - starting January 2009 and continued improving right through to March 2010 - took over a year though for the full transition to take place.
Looking back because I was experiencing some very similar emotions at the in the last few months of 2008 as I am now - I try and do the same things I was doing then - following a fitness programme - I also listen to the same music that was out then (Kings of Leon, anyone?!!)

So, just for your info, in my world, today is Tuesday, 30th September 2008. - I know I'm random but we all have our idiosyncracies!!!

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