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To feel closer to partner?

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Rainbow12e Thu 21-May-20 13:35:40

During this time?
It's our first time living together as we live 3 hours apart. We didn't want to be away from each other during lockdown and I wanted to support him with home schooling and caring for his 9 yr old DD. He also has an adult son at home.
Of course it has been challenging but I do feel it has really cemented our relationship and shown that at a tough time, we can support each other and make a brilliant 'Tag team' when it comes to homseschooling.
After home schooling and work from home, we have also enjoyed lots of chats as a family and as the weather has been so nice we have also been for lots of walks.
We will never again have all this time together so do want to make the most of it.

Just wanted to put a positive post out.

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zscaler Thu 21-May-20 13:48:44

That’s lovely OP ❤️

Rainbow12e Thu 21-May-20 15:48:18

Thank you x

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