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To ask how a Click and Collect from Tesco works these days

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5lilducks Thu 21-May-20 00:55:49

Posting here for traffic. I've just managed to get a click and collect slot with Tesco for the first time in my life! How does it work these days? I can see on their website that they say to bring your own bags - and now I am wondering how I can social distance if I have to take my bags to them!
So, if anyone has done Click and Collect from Tesco in the last few weeks, please can you tell me how it works and how they practice social distancing.

bloated1977 Thu 21-May-20 00:59:52

At my local one you drive up, open your boot, and they fill your bags up that you have ready in your boot.

PositiveVibez Thu 21-May-20 01:00:33

Everything is in bags now. They leave the crate full of bags on your doorstep. You pick the bags up and take them in. They ask if you accept any subs and they sign for you if you're happy with your delivery.

It's well organised. Just a good handwash after putting everything away and I also handwash loads when prepping the food.

I used to wipe everything down with antibac wipes, but that got tiresome. Easier to wash your hands and dispose of bags and packaging when using.

PositiveVibez Thu 21-May-20 01:01:25

Oops sorry. You're talking about click and collect. I've explained home delivery 🥴

Homemadearmy Thu 21-May-20 01:03:35

Ours use bags, they ask that you stay in the car. You pull up, they give you the sheet to check. They open the boot and load it up for you

PineappleUpsideDownCake Thu 21-May-20 01:15:28

Wow I didnt realise rhey put it in your car. I might actually prefer that to the delivery!.

Rockbird Thu 21-May-20 01:42:00

Depends. Mine bring the crates to the back of the car then step right back while I load them in. But my dad stays in the car and they load them. He's over 70 though but he agrees that it's actually much better and less contact than delivery.

Gingerkittykat Thu 21-May-20 02:02:03

When I went it was in bags and they wheeled the shopping down and went inside while I put it in the boot.

ChocolateQuiltedShitPig Thu 21-May-20 03:28:02

Mine don't place items in car. They simply leave the items bagged in crates. You stay in car until they've brought everything out then they go back in and you load your boot.

Sleepyblueocean Thu 21-May-20 06:12:38

The shopping in bags is wheeled to your car and you it into your boot. Ours ask you can to push the crates to the wall behind your car when you finish so there aren't crates in anyone's way.

daisychain01 Thu 21-May-20 06:19:38

Our click and Collect is a Tesco van in the corner of the car park.

DH drives to a parking place near the van and the Tesco C+C person wheels the crates to the boot in a trolley then DH loads the bagged groceries into the boot. So good social distancing throughout.

Pinkcat231 Thu 21-May-20 06:27:21

My Tesco has two click and collect points, the permanent one is bagged in crates and you put it in the car yourself and the temporary one they do it for you, there are signs up telling you to stay in the car at the temporary one. I don’t think you’ll need bags though.

Doowop20 Thu 21-May-20 06:33:36

At mine you drive up to the van in the car park and they leave the crates behind your car for you to load. All in bags.

I didn’t find the social distancing great eg bringing more crates when I was unloading. Asda was better for that I found as they brought the crates stacked up on a trolley so you could do it in one go.

5lilducks Thu 21-May-20 09:20:02

Thanks for all your replies. It's been really helpful. At least now l know what to expect.

fartingsparkles Fri 22-May-20 21:24:32

Sorry to piggy back on your post OP, but I am just trying to checkout my first click and collect at Tesco. I think i have paid but it still says I can 'make changes and checkout'. Does this mean i haven't actually paid yet?

daisychain01 Sat 23-May-20 16:56:24

@fartingsparkles what happens is the website takes your card information including 3 digit security code, so you know your C+C slot is held plus you have whatever shopping is in your "basket" when you've done the initial payment.

You can now keep adding and or removing shopping all the way up to 11.59 the night before your slot, and each change reauthenticates on your same card. Your final transaction is what is actually charged to your card.

Btw bear in mind it's currently a max of 80 items. So if you get to the limit what you may want to consider is if you've bought loose veg or fruit, eg 4 bananas, swap that for a single pack of bananas and you get 3 more items back iyswim. smile

Comefromaway Sat 23-May-20 16:59:42

I’ve done Asda & Sainsbury’s but not Tesco.

At Asda you drive up, open your boot and they load it into your boot. At Sainsbury’s everything is in a crate, they push it across to you and you load your shopping and then push the crate back across.

begoniapot Sat 23-May-20 17:11:04

I've just put a nearly £90 order in and can't remember seeing being my own bags! Friend had a Tesco home delivery and it was all bagged up. Surely it's bagged for C&C

begoniapot Sat 23-May-20 17:12:09

There is an area to put in your preferences, such as load it into your car.

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