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To expect DH to replace the carpet he has destroyed

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Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:12:28

I say carpet, it's a large rug but covers most of the living room. I paid £200 for it as a treat to myself two years ago on my birthday as I spotted it and fell in love. It's a bit of a boring thing to buy on your birthday but hey.

I asked DH to give it a deep clean the other day and he reluctantly did. (Whole other thread). I went to bed only to get up and find him asleep on it the next morning having fallen asleep whilst playing the xbox.

He didn't air the carpet properly or open windows, instead he laid straight down on a wet carpet it to play his stupid game before falling asleep on it.

I've been smelling a "wet dog" odour all day and have discovered that it's the carpet which has developed mould/mildew due to not being aired properly and being smothered by him when wet.

He's not happy to be told he's now responsible for replacing it and thinks it was a good gesture of him to clean it in the first place...

Who's unreasonable?

Pumpkintopf Thu 21-May-20 00:15:39

Is it 'rescue-able' with another deep clean to get rid of the smell and a proper airing/drying outside? He should be responsible for fixing or replacing it.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:17:56

I'm afraid it looks like it is beyond repair, the advice is to replace it if it develops mould and mildew as it's harmful. We have two small children, one who has just learnt to walk and spends alot of time sitting and playing on it. I'm very annoyed.

Blueemeraldagain Thu 21-May-20 00:19:15

Is there a back story to him cleaning the carpet while you went to bed?

Bridecilla Thu 21-May-20 00:20:23

You posted the other day about this. Not sure when he was meant to air it if you made him clean it at bedtime?

bettertimesarecomingnow Thu 21-May-20 00:21:13

Clean it and pop it outside in the sunshine

JasonPollack Thu 21-May-20 00:21:43

Surely it cant be mouldy after one day?

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:22:13

Yes It was a mission to get him to clean it in the first place. He ended up cleaning it at gone 10pm at night after putting it off and then falling asleep on the sofa because he was gaming all night. I had a thread on here under a name change, something along the lines of "i gave him one job"

I wish he hadn't of bothered now.

I'm gutted I loved that carpet sad

Porcupineinwaiting Thu 21-May-20 00:22:26

Just clean it again and dry it properly outside. It'll likely be fine.

Graffitiqueen Thu 21-May-20 00:22:52

It won't be mouldy already ffs. Just clean it again.

Magickl Thu 21-May-20 00:23:08

Surely it shouldn't develop mould in one night? Unless your home has damp issues?

pawsies Thu 21-May-20 00:23:12

Try astonish mould and mildew remover. Brilliant stuff.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:23:58

He was supposed to put it in the other room to air with the windows open. Instead of doing that he just left it where it was and flopped down on it. Pure laziness.

This is just another blow in a long line of things to be honest.

ShyTown Thu 21-May-20 00:25:15

He fell asleep on a wet carpet?! That’s a bit strange, is he ok medically or a big drinker or stoner? I doubt it’s developed proper mould quite that quickly, I’d just give it an air out now then he can re do properly and air out again afterwards and it should be fine. Worth a shot anyway. I had a similar incident with trying to wash a down jacket, doing a shit job so it smelt like a Labrador after a walk in the rain but it’s absolutely fine now. But yes it should be his responsibility to sort it.

ItsGoingTibiaK Thu 21-May-20 00:25:19

It takes a minimum of around 24 hours for mould spores to even germinate and start to grow after landing on a suitable surface.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:25:52

I'm going to try and rectify it myself but all advice I've come across online says to replace a carpet if it develops mould.

I'm surprised myself that it has developed so soon but it has.

We do have an ongoing damp problem in the front room yes, hence wanting it to be aired in the room that doesn't.

Myshinynewname Thu 21-May-20 00:26:12

I missed the old thread - why did he clean it while you went to bed?

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:27:13

He fell asleep on a wet carpet?! That’s a bit strange, is he ok medically or a big drinker or stoner

Nope just a lazy bastard who doesn't care much for anything so long as he can sit infront of the television screen.

FrogFairy Thu 21-May-20 00:27:43

Mould and mildew spray will very likely take the colour out of your rug.

This is a long shot but if it smells like a wet dog, there are products for pet smells and a Zoflora for homes with pets. I would try these, reclean the rug and dry it outside over your washing line. You have nothing to lose by trying before you throw it away.

TimeWastingButFun Thu 21-May-20 00:28:11

Really? hmm
So your carpet is ruined because it got slept on?
More likely the carpet had ingrained dirt that filtered through the wet fibres after it was cleaned. Just clean it again. The advice for this capillary type re-dirt is to blot it with towels. Sleeping husbands probably work just as well 😉

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:28:45

My last thread. I name changed for the purpose of that one.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:30:15

The carpet does not have ingrained dirt. It is regularly cleaned with a rug doctor which I can't get hold of right now given what's going on.

It has never smelt like this before. This has happened since he cleaned it.

TimeWastingButFun Thu 21-May-20 00:30:38

Also, clean it in the morning next time and give it a day in the garden in the sunshine to dry.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:32:32

I'll try the suggestions thank you. I'm reluctant to use mould spray as a PP said it could potentially cause further damage but will try the others.

Roostersmum2 Thu 21-May-20 00:37:22

I appreciate this sounds barmy without the backstory. I'm on the verge of ending the marriage and this is just another small thing in a long line of others.

The gaming is causing big issues.

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