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What is acceptable?

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mumsie8 Wed 20-May-20 23:49:32

Thank you.

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FortunesFave Wed 20-May-20 23:41:05

At the end of the day, what one parent does during their time with their child has nothing at all to do with the other.

The other parent can't demand anything apart from basic things such as information on school (which one the child will attend) or illnesses or injuries....or any special educational arrangements.

Things like what they eat, where they're sleeping are nothing to do with the other parent and they cannot demand information about it.

If the other parent felt the child was in danger then they'd have to seek legal advice.

mumsie8 Wed 20-May-20 23:38:15

How far can an ex partner go in terms of their need to know what or how their ex is managing things with their toddler? For example, what if the ex partner demands to see where the toddler will be staying for overnight visitation, even though they have seen it all before . Or their dictating the terms of any new relationship their ex may eventually begin, or dictating what can and can't be done in their ex's time with their child.
Not sure where to start with it all to be honest and i thought someone on here with more knowledge and less personal gain from this whole situation would help me to figure it out.
Many thanks.
It's all very new and raw and i want to be sure that all aspects of this separation are fair and accomodating but not simply cow towing to their every demand because they don't like the fact things have changed.

I also posted this in relationships but got no response so posting here for traffic. I hope no one minds.

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