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To think I couldn’t possibly feel nauseous this early on? (If I’m pregnant- but I only ovulated last week)

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Hunnybears Wed 20-May-20 00:07:43

I feel a bit sick but haven’t been anywhere to pick up a bug and I’m pretty sure it’s not my cooking.

Ovulated last week I assume Thursday (15 days after period) so we done it a couple of times and now I feel well a bit sick 🤢

Surely that would be too early?

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Hunnybears Wed 20-May-20 00:08:46

It must be a coincidence. I’m sure with my last two it was about 5 weeks....

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KKSlider Wed 20-May-20 00:22:41

I had HG and sickness that got worse with each pregnancy, by DC4 I started throwing up around three days before my period was even due...

ColdCottage Wed 20-May-20 00:25:08

I felt sick at the smell of something that has only ever made me feel that way when pregnant days after I must have conceived.

mapsie Wed 20-May-20 00:25:59

I felt nauseous before I could test (as in was too early). It was mild nausea but I had a wine tasting evening & after 1 sip I thought I would throw up so went home as assumed as I was ill. It got worse & then I realised I was pregnant. For me it was a sign of things to come as I was nauseous/sick for about 5 months & was hospitalised a few times for dehydration.

Itsanothernamechange Wed 20-May-20 01:00:26

I felt sick with dd2 before i could test and was sick all the way through upto and including after giving birth. Not what you want to hear I know. My girl pregnancy was very sickly compared my boy.

GrumpyHoonMain Wed 20-May-20 01:04:57

I get nausea anyway approaching my period but one of the big signs where I thought I might be pregnant was that I had severe nausea and cravings just days after my embryo transfer.

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