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To ask, if you are furloughed, are you contingency planning?

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HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 22:14:29

I was wondering if people furloughed are looking for other jobs or changing their businesses?

It must be such a tough time 😔

silverbubbles Tue 19-May-20 22:18:02

Not yet. Seems a bit premature. I am hoping to go back to my job in sales one day. Do you think I should be looking for a job?

Northernsoullover Tue 19-May-20 22:18:32

I'm in a very privileged position. I run a small business but I'm also studying. There is the real chance that I might have to close it down if it doesn't pick up in September but as its my final year I might just knuckle down and study. If I'm careful I might be ok with just my student finance.

Almahart Tue 19-May-20 22:19:16

I would be job hunting if there were any jobs to be hunted

Parky04 Tue 19-May-20 22:19:52

I haven't been furloughed but redundancy looks very likely. Have saved like crazy in the last 3 months.

Iseethesilverlining Tue 19-May-20 22:21:28

DH furloughed to the end of June but just heard that most staff will be made redundant in July. Have been saving as much as we could. Not a good time to go on the job market.

Myshinynewname Tue 19-May-20 22:21:48

No, not yet. I think I will be made redundant but I will struggle to work around dh hours until the dc are back in school. We are lucky that we can afford for me to stay at home as long as necessary.

Blankiefan Tue 19-May-20 22:21:58

I've pulled back spending and I'm brushing up my LinkedIn profile. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 22:22:18

I don't know silver, I suppose it's different depending on what you do

yelyah22 Tue 19-May-20 22:29:12

Found out in a meeting today that most of the team I manage (about 8 people) are probably getting made redundant in the next few months which is the right business decision but makes me really sad for them. Will be discreetly trying to tip them off for their own sake. sad

HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 22:37:25

That is so sad sad

Constantlurker Tue 19-May-20 22:41:32

Yup. I'm currently pregnant and due on mat leave in August. Pretty sure they're gearing up to make me redundant just before my maternity was due to start. Which will be lovely.

imsooverthisdrama Tue 19-May-20 22:43:28

I trying to think worse case scenario is I'm made redundant but when the furloughed scheme ends. hopefully things will have picked up and I can get another job or temping .
I have enough if I'm careful for a couple months of no income .
I'm hopeful what will happen they will ask me back part time by July and that will be fine till September when hopefully school is back to normal. I suppose we will have to wait and see .

Spamellahamella Tue 19-May-20 22:44:30

There are no jobs though. I am furloughed and i've been looking but other than delivery drivers I am not seeing anything about.

Merryoldgoat Tue 19-May-20 22:50:18

I’m not furloughed but we have 30 staff currently furloughed where I work.

Pretty much all are being unfurloughed for June 1st. The organisation has enough cash currently and as we are risk averse it’s all available as necessary so currently no jobs are in danger but it could all change swiftly.

I’m feeling relatively optimistic but cautious.

MagisCapulus Tue 19-May-20 23:05:01

I am applying for anything like a mad thing. Most employers with ads out at the moment aren't even bothering to reply. Even the supermarkets.

Devlesko Tue 19-May-20 23:05:40

Furloughed from our own business, but won't see any work like we had for a long time, if at all.
Well, we are producing new products and services from home, exploring new ways of doing business.
As far as our old business of 30 years is concerned we're screwed.

Our work included visiting schools, museums and galleries, performing in theatres, music festivals, and anywhere there are large crowds.
The lot went, a full diary zapped within a few hours. Now you see it, now it's fucked off.

HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 23:05:58

What do you do spam?

HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 23:08:07

That's depressing Magis, it's confusing because there are a lot of posts about Royal Mail needing people, supermarkets needing people and the care sector need people but that doesn't seem to match up with people's experiences

HackAttack Tue 19-May-20 23:08:54

Devlesko I'm so sorry to hear that sad

AudacityOfHope Tue 19-May-20 23:11:15

Not really. I'm furloughed but am choosing to see it as a bit of a holiday from a job that was stressing me out. And what comes after...well who knows, so I can't get worked up about it just yet.

Tomorrow i get to do the garden with my son and have a dance off with my daughter, and in normal life we almost never have the time to enjoy each other.

BumDiggyDiggyDiggyBumDiggyBum Tue 19-May-20 23:12:30

I’m furloughed and in aviation. Possibility of redundancy, I’ll find out this week.

Have registered interest in covid-19 test and trace jobs in Scotland, they’re looking for all sorts of people. I have some experience as a courier with Amazon so should be able to do that again if need be.

DP self employed but newly limited so not eligible for government help. Can’t go back to his own job yet so he’s also going back to a courier job temporarily so we stop battering the wedding savings.

eyesbiggerthanstomach Tue 19-May-20 23:13:00

I have been put on furlough and I am so nervous. I have reduced my outgoings but I won't apply for jobs until I know what is happening at work. Not that there are any jobs. I just feel sick to my stomach honestly.

Spamellahamella Tue 19-May-20 23:14:32

Admin, HackAttack. I think my job will probably be fine. My manager says things are starting to pick up. It's good to keep an eye on what is out there though

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Tue 19-May-20 23:24:49

Currently furloughed, not sure what the long term plan is. Saving all I can in case!

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