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Pregnancy test!!!!

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Callum28033 Tue 19-May-20 18:50:33

Help!! How many negative tests do people get before a positive? I’m getting string bfn at the minute no sign of a faint line etc however I am early testing.......literally everyday because I just have a good feeling about it!!! Did you get negatives and then just suddenly one morning a positive showed????

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MouthBreathingRage Tue 19-May-20 18:52:16

With all due respect, save your money. How early exactly are you testing? Because really, anytime before a couple of days before your period, you might as well wee on a fiver and flush it.

Ilovecats23 Tue 19-May-20 18:52:38

I didn’t have a string of negatives, but I took a test on the Saturday and it was a BFP, then took another on the Wednesday as still no AF but some odd spotting and it was positive! Sometimes it’s just too early to test! Good luck flowers

Sugartitss Tue 19-May-20 18:55:17

I had a faint line every time I tested before I was due. It was faint but it was there.

Good luck.

Callum28033 Tue 19-May-20 19:10:32

I literally have no idea 🤣 I had my marena removed on may 8th and we started ttc literally that day! I had a bleed the following day but nothing since and sorry tmi but plenty of ttc.....I’ve no idea when my cycle is at all so it’s all guessing! I think I’m way too early I’m just really excited

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Lockheart Tue 19-May-20 19:12:35

Bloody hell OP just wait until your first missed period.

Bugger all point testing up til then.

worriedmama1980 Tue 19-May-20 19:13:34

They surely told you you should wait till you have a normal cycle before ttc? At this rate, you won't even have ovulated. You're talking about stopping contraception 11 days ago? You realise most people ovulate on day 14?

I'd really recommend a book called taking charge of your fertility that talks about signs of ovulation and how your cycle works, not meaning to be rude but if you think you could have conceived 11 days after stopping contraception you could do with reading up around it a bit!

Peanut55 Tue 19-May-20 19:15:20


Way to early to test.

As PP said. Wee on a fiver instead

Twigletfairy Tue 19-May-20 19:16:10

I didn't get a single negative before my positives because I waited to test until I know the results would be accurate

CobblersPose Tue 19-May-20 19:17:19

You had the coil out 11 days ago and you're testing already? You're gonna waste a lot of money. Saying that I had my coil out had one period then pregnant. So suppose I first tested at about 5 weeks. Chill out dude.

anothernamechangeagain Tue 19-May-20 19:19:31

It's far too early to test. You need to have ovulated first then wait about 10-14 days after ovulation to test.
It's unlikely you've even ovulated yet due to the fact you were on hormonal birth control.

NeverForgetYourDreams Tue 19-May-20 19:19:42

I came off the pill end of February. No period at all. Then did a test mid April because I felt odd. Was pregnant. Emergency scan had to have a week or so later and was 5 weeks 5 days pregnant. So I must have got pregnant almost straight away so it's possible

But save your test for another couple of weeks.

Callum28033 Tue 19-May-20 19:19:44

My coil had become dislodged so it was removed but we had no discussion about ttc so no advice was given just to use contraception straight away. I’ve had a cycle while on the coil but it’s not been as regular as usual and I can’t remember the last time I bled

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FourPlasticRings Tue 19-May-20 19:20:16

Well, OP, I waited a month after coming of contraceptives and then tested (I had no periods while on the contraceptive). Then tested every week after that on the same day. Positive was week 7 (no intervening bleeds at all). Very faint, so I waited three days and tested again.

I do think you need to dial it down a bit, if only for financial reasons.

FourPlasticRings Tue 19-May-20 19:21:02


anothernamechangeagain Tue 19-May-20 19:21:51

You don't need to wait to have a period before ttc for any health reason it just gives you a better idea of your cycle and when you should test.

I second reading up a bit about the menstrual cycle and fertile periods etc so you have a better chance of conceiving and knowing what signs to look out for etc.

mistermagpie Tue 19-May-20 19:24:09

You need to calm down a bit.

I did have negatives before positives in two of my pregnancies, but I had waited until 14dpo (finally got a positive at 18 and 20dpo) to test so this is unusual. I was tracking ovulation and all sorts so am pretty sure on dates.

In your case you've only just had the coil out and don't even know if you've ovulated yet. You are in for an expensive and stressful time if you keep testing like this. Try to enjoy it, some people get pregnant the first month but lots don't and it harder to be patient when you're testing all the time.

mag12 Tue 19-May-20 19:25:09

when I was trying for Dd. I was taking tests all the time (£££). I remember feeling a bit off and I took a first response (think that’s the name) test and it was negative. At the time I had no idea when my period was due as I’ve never been regular and I previously had the mirena cool which stopped my periods completely. Anyway, the first response was negative like I said. I carried on feeling a bit off Feeling like I did in my first pregnancy! I waited 5 more days, used a clear blue digital and it was positive. Woohoo. 5 days can make a difference!

You’ve not long had the coil out though so I would stop testing for now. I started trying straight away after having mine out so that’s not the issue but it’s only been 11 days.

Also, how did you manage to have it removed? Are they doing such procedures right now??

Thinking of having mine removed (not to get pregnant though) and wondered if they are currently doing it??

DontTouchTheMoustache Tue 19-May-20 19:25:15

I suspect your good feeling is more from excitement than anything and you are at risk of a big let down. I know it's hard but try not to obsess over it (even harder at the moment when we are stuck at home.with not much to distract us!)

Oysterbabe Tue 19-May-20 19:25:18

You're being very silly and throwing away money by testing this early. Wait until you have a period then test again a month from then.

TerrorWig Tue 19-May-20 19:25:59

I got negatives when I tested when my period was late but I wasn’t pregnant.

Stop wasting your money OP. It’s not even two weeks since your coil was removed.

ChandlerIsTheBestFriend Tue 19-May-20 19:26:39

OP you need to do some reading about the menstrual cycle. You can’t just get pregnant at any stage of it.

And it doesn’t matter how many negatives anyone else got because that won’t affect whether you’re pregnant or not.

If you dont want the learn about fertility then wait until you have missed a period before testing.

CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 19-May-20 19:26:59

The Take Charge Of Your Fertility book will help you to work out when you ovulate. I think at least take the testing down to once a fortnight or you'll bankrupt yourself. Start taking folic acid etc now if you're TTC.

NB the book is so powerful that I got a BFP literally the day that it fell through the letterbox grin

CarterBeatsTheDevil Tue 19-May-20 19:28:40

PS before anyone huffs and points out that the book could not have caused my pregnancy... I do know this, really, I just found the timing funny.

lyralalala Tue 19-May-20 19:32:48

There's no point wasting money testing every day.

Wait until you've had a period then miss one, or until you have a proper symptom (sickness, sore boobs etc) if you don't have a period

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