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to let the new bloke im seeing walk 30 mins to pick me up and then 30 mins back to where we are going for a drink?

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nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 18:29:53

his car got broke into so he said he'll walk me but its in the complete opposite direction of the pub. i feel bad. should i offer to meet him halfway at least?

nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 18:30:16

oh yes and i know this is the most pointless and trivial question of the century.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 19-Sep-07 18:34:28

Let him walk you. You're worth it wink

nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 18:35:40

i suppose he did offer. it wasn't like i asked.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 19-Sep-07 18:40:25

exactly. And they have to show a bit of commitment, don't they? We don't like to make things TOO easy grin

lou33 Wed 19-Sep-07 18:45:43

let him do it

he's a big boy he can make his own choices

plus it shows he is making an effort

stressteddy Wed 19-Sep-07 18:47:01

Let him do it. If he doesn't then run away fast

nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 18:55:19

ok next question. i feel quite comfortable around him without wearing loads of make up and stuff but feel as if i should make some sort of effort for him? i don't want to be an embarassment when i meet all his friends.

lou33 Wed 19-Sep-07 18:56:35

dont wear loads

go as you , how you feel comfortable

they should accept you as you, you are not some kind of trophy

HonoriaGlossop Wed 19-Sep-07 18:56:58

oh put some slap on. I would, if I were off down the pub envy

nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 19:21:44

i would normally too. but i just feel so comfortable with him that i feel as if i don't need to. ok i won't go the whole hog. lippy, mascara, eyeline and blusher will do.

lou33 Wed 19-Sep-07 19:22:30

yes, i am sure he is more interested in you than your make up

nappyaddict Wed 19-Sep-07 19:23:56

i told him the other nite that i hadn't put any make up on and he was like oh, i didn't notice!!

oooooooh i'm all excited!!

lou33 Wed 19-Sep-07 19:25:05

hav a lovely time

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