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People walking on the main road!

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mag12 Tue 19-May-20 17:26:54

Hi all,

Since lockdown I’ve noticed a huge amount of people walking on main roads presumably to walk to different areas to exercise when we weren’t meant to take our cars (personally I would find it safer to drive than walk miles or just stay where you live in the first place). It didn’t seem too bad at first as there was considerably less traffic on the road and safer so not too bad.

But with people going back to work and being able to drive to exercise there is a lot of cars on the road yet people are still walking.

I’m not really moaning about them. I slow down for pedestrians no problem but I know that not all car drivers are so sensible.

Still going to work so using the car and going shopping. I live near a busy a road and people are walking along it with their children on bikes and scooters when they clearly aren’t used to it willing all over the road. It gives me palpitations thinking about it being the overly anxious person I am.

The roads near me are quite windy too and visibility isn’t always great.

Aibu to think people should be encouraged not to walk alongside busy roads? None of them seem to be wearing hi-viz or taking any notice to cars. Some just ignore that there’s a car and carry on walking like we aren’t there!

Today I passed a large group of adults and children (they are also local and don’t come from the same house which is another matter).

I just feel kids shouldn’t be walking along the main road for their own safety!

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malmi Tue 19-May-20 17:28:42

On them or alongside them?

Macncheeseballs Tue 19-May-20 17:28:52

As long as you're not in a hurry in your car then I think it's great. However temporary, it's a blissful break from the dominance of cars.

mag12 Tue 19-May-20 17:34:57

The roads are so busy where I live. I worry about their safety!

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mag12 Tue 19-May-20 17:36:01

Along side them I guess but often walking in pairs so sticking out. Often hedges on either side of road where I live (semi rural) so not much room to jump in and be safe.

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heartsonacake Tue 19-May-20 17:38:09

If they’re walking alongside the road facing oncoming traffic I don’t see the issue and YABU.

You just need to take considerate care and attention when driving, as always.

BeetrootRocks Tue 19-May-20 17:38:41

On our high street people are ducking inyo the road as there's not enough space on the pavement to pass other pedestrians otherwise without going too close.

Is that what you mean or something else?

vanillandhoney Tue 19-May-20 17:44:20

Yeah, it's not particularly safe.

Small children shouldn't really be walking along main roads without pavements like that if it can be helped. It only takes one thing to distract them and they'll get hit by a car.

ProtectAll Tue 19-May-20 17:44:51

When out and about on our housing estate I will step into the road to keep my distance, this is a built up area with 30mph limit and up until recently hardly any traffic apart from delivery drivers. When leaving to join the road into the town I stick to the path.

We are surrounded by A rounds including dual carriageways, and when out at the weekend I say pedestrians walking on the hard shoulder!

TabbyMumz Tue 19-May-20 17:45:23

I've seen lots of people walking to the other side of a road to avoid getting close to people on their side. One particular road only has a pavement on one side and its bushes on the other, so they walk on the side of the road.

AnnaNimmity Tue 19-May-20 17:50:41

we can't win on MN! You have to go into the road if you're running or there's a large group of people. The pavements aren't 2m wide. Even when I'm walking with my dd, we have to go in the road to go around people.

Cars can generally see a pedestrian from further away and should be aware now that there are likely to be pedestrians in the road. Just go slower!

HoneyBee03 Tue 19-May-20 17:51:55

It's ridiculous. Theres a long, straight road near me which is national speed limit and because people are too scared to quickly walk past each other, they're in the road while cars hurtle towards them at 60mph.

The other day I had to dodge a cyclist, a dog walker and a family all faffing about trying to get around each other in the road while social distancing (no path). Thankfully I slowed down for the bend and spotted them but it's never usually an issue.

Chocolatehamper Tue 19-May-20 18:01:46

We live in a pretty village that is about 5/6 miles off the main road, beautiful woods full of bluebells at the moment etc.
I get exactly what you mean... the amount of people walking in the middle of the road 'because they're in the country' with absolutely no common sense or clue how to walk down a country road. Face the traffic, don't walk with your back to the traffic wearing headphones, cross the road before a blind bend so a car coming towards you can see you and not knock you over - all pretty logical but for some reason, people who want to leave their local area to walk elsewhere appear not to have any logic!
Same applies to people who drive the roads so they can get out and walk - again, no appreciation of the fact that walkers take priority over cars. If you are driving down a narrow road and a car is coming towards you but there is a pedestrian between you, the car on the same side as the pedestrian should wait and allow the oncoming car to pass - much the same as you would with a parked car. It is not up to the pedestrian to jump into a hedge to allow you to carry on your merry way!
It infuriates me, the amount of people who haven't got a clue!!!

mag12 Tue 19-May-20 19:15:58

Thanks all. I’m talking about roads that won’t normally be walked on. A roads with hedges either side with little room for pedestrians. Just seeing more and more people out walking. It concerns me as it’s getting busier on the road. I’m a very careful driver but not everyone is.

I live in the type of place you have to drive everywhere most of the time - semi rural village in the middle of nowhere - most jobs are out the area at least a 8 mile drive - no shops - nothing to do here - very little public transport or taxis so most people drive everywhere. These people weren’t walking in the road before lockdown or walking them to go to work or the shops. They are walking along the main roads for something to do or walk to the beach - 5 miles away! Nuts. I’d rather drive now we are allowed!

They aren’t facing traffic most of the time either.

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mag12 Tue 19-May-20 19:18:13

@Chocolatehamper I live rurally too. I always expect people to be walking on narrow country roads so always drive with caution. People like to walk in the countryside which is fine - I do too. My post was mainly talking about those walking on A roads just for something to do! There are plenty of other walks around here without going on the main Road!

I couldn’t relax taking my own children for a walk along a road. I’d be a nervous wreck. I’d rather walk somewhere else! 😕

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Chocolatehamper Tue 19-May-20 19:59:22

@mag12 Exactly that! We are very lucky with where we live, plenty of rural walks, gated roads, woodlands etc. I won’t let my kids walk on the roads in and out of our village, I won’t let them cycle to the nearest town either. Too many idiots using the roads as race tracks that don’t know the camber/turns etc. We see so many cars in ditches, the thought of it scares the life out of me!
You can tell who is a local or not - the locals are the ones driving on the A roads - people out for a ‘nice walk’ don’t bother with the usual tracks and walk on the roads but they tend to not know what to do when a car comes towards them, they split up - one on either side of the road rather than stand together etc., oh it winds me up!!!

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