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To ask about whether I should send my children back or not.

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mag12 Tue 19-May-20 09:36:22

I don’t want this to turn into a debate if any kind. Posting here for traffic and advice and I don’t know if I’m making the right decision.

Have two children both with sen and both have EHCP’s. One in reception so in one of the year groups said to be heading back on the 1st and one in year 5 who although isn’t in said year groups could go back soon due to his EHCP. Technically they could have gone to school from the start due to EHCP but decided against it for a variety of reasons and that I was able to be at home with them.

DS needs full time 1:1 and DD needs extra help but not 1:1.

I have been speaking to the school senco. She rings to ask how things are going etc (not great on the school work but I’m honest about this).

Spoke to her this week about what my plans are and whether I want to send them back. She said she couldn’t influence my decision and I have to decide myself.

At the minute I have decided against it. Mainly because they don’t really fully understand social distancing, they aren’t great at catching their coughs and sneezes, they may struggle with the school being so different, the senco said they won’t necessarily be with their usual teachers and teaching assistants or with their friends as classes will be taught in smaller groups. Everything will be so different so I’ve said no for now and will reconsider in a few weeks.

Dc are both very sociable children and it will break their heart if they can’t play properly with their friends and their sen means they don’t full understand all of this.

Oh has completely disagreed with me saying that they should go back soon as cannot keep them off forever.. and how behind they will be. They are already behind their peers but we’re progressing at their own rates at school.

I just feel they are safe at home with us. DS hasn’t got an underlying health problem as such but he is particularly prone to chest infections and has spent years on steroids, inhalers and in the past antibiotics. Every time he gets a cold he would get a chest infection but he has outgrown this somewhat.


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RonObvious Tue 19-May-20 09:45:51

You're going to get a bunch of different opinions on this. Personally, I am not sending my child in, because he struggles with change, and I think for the sake of a few days at school before summer (class sizes are going to be less than ten here, so he would only be going in every 3/4 days) it's just not worth the upheaval for him. When he heard that schools might be going back, he started having nightmares, and refused to sleep on his own. I think he's pretty anxious and stressed out - not necessarily about the virus, but about going back to school in general. It'll be even worse for him, as everything will be so different - plus, his best friend won't be going back. Drop off is often tough with him anyway, and he needs us to hang around and settle him in, which we obviously wouldn't be able to do. He's in Yr 1.

Sometimeswinning Tue 19-May-20 10:18:50

It's difficult that you and oh disagree. I think he is thinking with his head and you with your heart. I am sending my dd back. I dont want her to be scared. She'll be a bit grumpy about it and will have to get use to the change but shes resiliant and I have faith she'll get use to it. I obviously dont know your children so only you and your oh can decide that.

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