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AIBU to ask you to confess? What’s the worse thing you’ve ever done.

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Partygal Tue 19-May-20 08:36:30

I’ll kick off.

When I was at university I had a data analysis assignment to do. It involved inputting some commands to analyze statistical data then interpret the results. The lecturer had already uploaded the data file.

He explained what he wanted us to do and sat typing out the commands so that he could mark our work later. The printouts came from elsewhere - the staff there would put them out on a rack for lecturers and students to collect.

I sneaked up to steal the lecturer’s printout and slipped it into my bag. I took it home and logged on to the uni network, and copied out the lecturer’s commands to do the assignment. I went in to uni first thing the next day to replace the lecturer’s printout - luckily he hadn’t been to collect it. A few hours later my assignment was ready - I did it in an hour.

I got an A+ for the assignment.

Exam boards don’t like universities awarding too many firsts. I was told that they insisted that in the future this assignment had to be done under exam conditions. SPSS is a horrible package to use under pressure.

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