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UK holiday august 2020

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whoosit Mon 18-May-20 23:52:35

Why are some places allowing you to book for a holiday in august 2020? Is it wise to do this? I've seen holiday parks, hotels, air b n b and cottages with this option. I'd love to see the sea and get away this year I understand there wont be many cafes or restaurants or whatever but a self catering cottage or something? Is it worth trying to book or do these people advertising their cottages, caravans and air b n bs know something will change meaning we can go on holiday or are they trying to take advantage of people desperate for a holiday and so keeping their business open for bookings they know they cant fulfill but will be a pain to refund?

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Shamoo Tue 19-May-20 00:21:58

I don’t think they can know, but they are hoping. I booked a week in late august a month back. Their terms are that if you can’t go due to lockdown, then they will move you to the same week next year (which is fine for us), so we went for it. I realise this wouldn’t work for everyone but I knew I would be disappointed if lockdown lifted and we had nowhere to go, and I’m fine with the alternative if lockdown isn’t lifted.

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