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To ducking hate Facebook

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antipodalpizza Mon 18-May-20 20:55:35

My dad died recently.
He had a Facebook account which he never used at all and had no friends on it, I helped him set it up over ten years ago in a different computer, when I had a different name and a different Facebook account, I don't have any of my family on fb as I hardly use it.
Out of blue today Facebook has come up with his name on a people I may know screen. His email address has been deleted already as i cancelled his internet when he had to go into long term care , he didn't have a mobile phone and there is nothing I can think of to connect the account with me,

I am in pieces. I can't add friend, I can't bring myself to remove him.
😰😪 I know I'm pathetic but it hurts.

Settle59 Mon 18-May-20 20:59:11

So sorry to hear about your Dad OP . The facebook this would make me emotional as well. Facebook can be good, but I've also been spectacularly hurt by it.

ChibiTotoro Mon 18-May-20 21:00:42

It's hard isn't it. My gran tried to add me as a friend on FB years ago, but I never accepted her request. She died just over a year ago. Every now and again FB reminds me to accept her friend request and it makes me sad. I don't want to accept it and I can't bring myself to reject it either sad

LilyMarshall Mon 18-May-20 21:03:58

This must be so difficult x Can you report the page? They sometimes change pages of people who had died to memorial pages, rather than have them as standard pages.

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Mon 18-May-20 21:14:42

You can contact fb and have it changed to a memorial page.

Nicknacky Mon 18-May-20 21:18:58

I had the exact same problem after my mum died, it was horrible. And she had no profile picture so it was that creepy shadow. I delegated it to H to sort out but it did reappear a couple more time’s.

My sympathy’s to you for your loss.

BuzzingtheBee Mon 18-May-20 21:19:58

Sorry for your loss, that sounds

antipodalpizza Mon 18-May-20 21:24:40

Yes dads is that creepy shadow too sad

Wendalicious Mon 18-May-20 21:29:06

Sorry to hear that- my mum died 5 years ago and I get the friend anniversary thing with my mum- “you’ve been friends for 10 years” on the wrong day- that kills me xx

antipodalpizza Mon 18-May-20 23:10:28

Thanks..had a bit of a cry and felt a bit less of a fool

Nicknacky Mon 18-May-20 23:44:02

You are not a fool at all. You go onto Facebook for a scroll through lighthearted nonsense and then BAM. You see your dad and it’s a shock.

You just want to have a few minutes of not thinking of it and you are reminded. It’s horrible.

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