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To wonder what this means

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User472728 Mon 18-May-20 17:04:18

my adult dd has just shown me a comment that is written about her in a psychiatrist letter to her gp. “It says there was definite evidence of anhedonia” I’ve told her I’m unsure what it means.

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ViciousJackdaw Mon 18-May-20 17:05:42

Anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities. In other words, nothing is bringing her joy. Poor thing, I hope life gets better for her.

Lsquiggles Mon 18-May-20 17:06:00

Google defines anhedonia as the inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities

LittleMissNaice Mon 18-May-20 17:07:24

Anhedonia is a loss of pleasure. The psychiatrist is probably suggesting that she doesn't seem to be enjoying the things that she normally would. Does that make sense in the context?

DifficultPifcultLemonDifficult Mon 18-May-20 17:07:38

It's basically depression. Can't be happy at the usual things people would be happy about.

Hope shes doing ok.

User472728 Mon 18-May-20 20:42:13

Thank you, it’s not written in the context that she doesn’t enjoy things. Just randomly there.

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