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To miss David Heane's 'High School Days' - Friday nights/Real Radio?

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Settle59 Mon 18-May-20 09:52:30

Anyone remember this? I used to love it during the Summer / Autumn of 2008 - this is when I listened to it.
What I liked was the fact that he played songs from the 80s - with some late 70s and very early 90s (there was sometimes a 'nod' to a few years either side) - but what I liked about it was that he didn't play the 'obvious' imo overexposed 80s hits like 'Come on Eileen' for example but some of the lesser known songs that no longer get radio airplay.
I also thought David Heane had a really good presenting style.
Anyone got a time machine to go back to approx August 2008. ?
Thanks in Advance.

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MissCharleyP Mon 18-May-20 09:57:37

I feel you! There is a show on Absolute 80s called ‘Forgotten 80s’, I think it’s on a Sunday evening and they do Tony Hadley’s 80s Party on Saturday evenings. They also do a ‘Haven’t Heard it for Ages’ request on most shows. I miss Ditchy & Salty in the mornings, gutted they got rid of Real Radio, I remember when it first launched as Century FM in the late ‘90s!

Settle59 Mon 18-May-20 10:04:21

MissCharleyP - I'll have to look for Absolute 80s! I'm also gutted Real Radio is no more sad

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MissCharleyP Mon 18-May-20 12:10:01

It’s on DAB and if you have Sky I think it’s on channel 0200. You can also download the app and listen on there with fewer adverts (I don’t work for them I promise!). I like the home time show (I think it’s 1600-1900) in the week and the other ones I mentioned. Frank Skinner does Saturdays breakfast and Jason Manford does Sunday breakfast.They sometimes do a show dedicated to one artist as well and have special shows; they did a 40s-themed one on VE Day.

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