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Asda deliveries

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Ilovechinese Mon 18-May-20 07:29:01

Are Asda taking payments on the day of delivery or day before? As I have an order coming tomorrow and have money in my bank for it but also get paid tomorrow so can add more of payment is coming out tomorrow but dont want to risk adding more and payment is due today then I wont hey my delivery if not enough in?

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Ilovechinese Mon 18-May-20 07:29:46


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RealityCheck24601 Mon 18-May-20 07:41:14

They take payment on the morning of delivery/collection.

iwantmyownicecreamvan Mon 18-May-20 07:42:40

It doesn't usually come out of my account until at least the day after though - sometimes longer, especially at weekends.

paradisebythedashboardlights Mon 18-May-20 07:43:41

Over the last couple of months, they have taken the payment the day before on several occasions, maybe it varies on the day you have booked. Mine have mainly been Saturday morning's and the payment taken the day before

BumDiggyDiggyDiggyBumDiggyBum Mon 18-May-20 07:45:30

The day before for me, but you can amend the order up until 10pm the night before delivery so they might not take the additions until day of delivery

iwantmyownicecreamvan Mon 18-May-20 07:46:15

That's really odd Paradise, I have a repeat delivery slot on a Saturday morning and the payment never comes out before. It has just come out of my account now for example although it has been showing as pending since yesterday.

Could it be a regional thing? I am in the NW.

CandleNoBra Mon 18-May-20 07:48:06

@Ilovechinese recently ours has been authorised from our account either the day before or 48 hours before.

It’s removed from our available balance and then clears the next working day after delivery.

CandleNoBra Mon 18-May-20 07:51:39

@iwantmyownicecreamvan I’m in NW too. I have alerts on my bank account that tell me when payments are taken. Asda recurring slot every Sat morning. Transaction is always taken from account on Friday and sometimes Thursday. Then it clears on the Monday. Weird how it varies. Wonder if it’s store by store doing things differently?

Alone07 Mon 18-May-20 07:51:44

This is on there site, hope it helps

Alone07 Mon 18-May-20 07:53:55

Sorry wouldn't post so I'll write it, it says they set up payment the day before but not actually take the money until the actual day.
So I think you will need the funds in your bank by the looks of it.

Blacksideupanddownagain Mon 18-May-20 07:56:37

Mine has come out overnight last night for click and collect tomorrow morning. For our deliveries it's similar.

We once had our delivery cancelled because it was arriving on the morning of pay day and they tried to take the money out overnight but it bounced as our wages hadn't registered yet. May be better to keep a smaller order with what you can cover in your account overnight, rather than risk the whole thing being cancelled?

Ilovechinese Mon 18-May-20 07:56:38

@BumDiggyDiggyDiggyBumDiggyBum yeah I just checked my bank and the payment has been took out but I had an email just before saying I can amend my order till 10pm tonight so cam I still add more stuff on then?

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Ilovechinese Mon 18-May-20 07:59:30

@Blacksideupanddownagain yeah I think you're right, I dont want to risk adding more in and then they try to take it out before the money goes in so the whole lot gets cancelled.

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Flitterwings Mon 18-May-20 07:59:31

The last few weeks the payment has been requested and stays as pending until the delivery day. If you make amendments that increase the value of the shop they will take the additional amount beforehand aswell.

If either payment isn’t available when they request it your order will be cancelled. They did this for a few weeks before they put a notice on the website so I lost out on my deliveries, but there is a message on the app now explaining it.

I get my delivery on a Tuesday morning, my payment for tomorrow’s order was already at pending status when I got up today.

Confuzzled123 Mon 18-May-20 08:00:09

Yes - we had an order on Saturday and they took payment the night before.

Ilovechinese Mon 18-May-20 08:04:18

@Flitterwings yes they have already took mine and it says pending and mine is due tomorrow night so I think I will leave it then. I have got a lot on but everything just goes so fast and I have a 2weekly slot booked so want to make sure it lasts as dont want to have to go shop but my kids especially my son just go through it all so quick

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mummyh2016 Mon 18-May-20 08:09:21

The last few weeks it has been the day before which does make sense if you think about it, what happens if the payment doesn't go through once your order has been picked?

BumDiggyDiggyDiggyBumDiggyBum Mon 18-May-20 08:13:43

Yeah my last order I went in a few times and amended what I needed, won’t be doing that again as it has charged me for everything that was in my basket whether I got it or not. So there were like 5 or 6 things that were no longer available when I went in to add more stuff on. I changed the not available things, but have been charged for all of them. Apparently it goes back in after a few days but they’ve taken about £25 more than what my shopping actually cost

TrickorTreacle Mon 18-May-20 08:27:32

I use a pre-paid card for Asda, and the last 3 times I used it, payment was taken 1 day before delivery. I just make sure that my card is topped up enough on the day that I order.

You ensure that you have enough funds on your card wherever you order, Asda or otherwise.

NopeNotToday5 Mon 18-May-20 08:35:11

I have a click and collect tomorrow, they have taken payment today but I can still amend my order untill 10pm. They will just work out the difference and credit/deduct from your bank account.

Rockbird Mon 18-May-20 08:41:40

The day before here. I don't usually use Asda for click and collect so was surprised to get a text saying my payment had been declined 24 hours before I was expecting it. I had the money, just hadn't yet transferred it to that account.

Danni91 Mon 18-May-20 11:31:31

Whatever you've clocked out with has been taken, whatever you amend with (removal or adding) gets taken tomorrow.

So extra removed or money refunded.

Since you've checked out anyway you may aswell add your extras even if you do so feeling that it wont come!

Full disclosure : i do this allll the time. Awful for leaving things last minute & it always comes. smile

endofacentury Mon 18-May-20 11:34:17

My asda delivery is coming tomorrow but I was surprised to see the payment was taken out this morning. I've just amended my order and lots of things were now unavailable so my total was less than what they have taken out of my account today. Not sure how that works

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