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To ask you to critique my low carb menu for today?

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SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 07:21:17

Breakfast - bowl of natural yogurt with a handful of blackberries and one teaspoon of chia seeds

Lunch - two egg omelette with cheese, mushrooms, red pepper and spring onion

Dinner - 3 chicken thighs with brocolli, cauliflower, sprouts and cheese sauce

I’m shit with healthy eating but I really must loose weight as my clothes no longer fit me and I can’t get anymore right now! Remember this is low carb so I’m aware of the high fat content

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curiouschickpea Mon 18-May-20 07:24:51

You could possibly lose the cheese sauce, and cheese in omelette, to bring the overall calorie count down? Good luck.

SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 07:25:41

The calories are only adding up to 1200 according to my fitness pal

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curiouschickpea Mon 18-May-20 07:31:20

It depends on lots of factors i.e current weight, activity level etc. If I wanted to lose weight, I wouldn't choose a cheese sauce, but personal choice of course. Your menu looks well packed with veg though - that would be my top tip, just kerp filling up with good variety of vegetables. Hope it goes well.

Oysterbabe Mon 18-May-20 07:33:13

Are you making the cheese sauce without flour?

Handsnotwands Mon 18-May-20 07:35:04

Have a look on diet doctor. And yes, avoid cheese sauce but make one with cream

The calories aren’t really important but the balance of fat abs protein is

IncrediblySadToo Mon 18-May-20 07:36:39

On low carb you need protein & fat - cheese sauce is fine, BUT you might need to look at the way you make it. I use cream & cheese (pepper& mustard) if you're using any form of flour it won't be low carb & milk is high in carbs

Look at your yogurt - the % if carbs varies enormously. I have found taste%carbs Total Fage Full Fat yogurt to be the best

The best thing you can do is join in with the Bootcamps- you'll get loads of advice & support

New one starting

There are a ton of previous threads you can read through & recipe threads as well.

Good luck.

HerLadySheep Mon 18-May-20 07:41:11

Sounds lovely. There's lots of FB low carb & keto groups which are great for recipe ideas, also the Diet Doctor website has lots of brilliant resources.
Good luck!

blueglassandfreesias Mon 18-May-20 07:41:37

Go and ask this on the low carb boot camp threads. People who do t understand the science behind it will criticise the high fat things but you need lots of fat to make sure you’re not hungry and that you become fat adapted as soon as possible.

Yellredder Mon 18-May-20 07:47:58

Looks fine, but just make sure your cream sauce is made with cream and cheese, not flour.

DianaT1969 Mon 18-May-20 07:48:54

What drinks OP? Minimum 2.5 litres of water is recommended on bootcamp. That increases depending on how much weight you have to lose. It's such a satisfying way to lose weight. I was never hungry.

Siameasy Mon 18-May-20 08:02:16

Not bad - you may need more fat in the dinner?
Ignore the calorie advice as low carbers do not count calories. Actually saying that I DID track cals on MFP as an experiment when I started Keto and I was still losing easily on over 3000 cals but very low carb

Parmavioletmum Mon 18-May-20 08:08:05

If you need the carb count it also shows on the nutrition value button towards the bottom of the screen smile tells you all the macros

RozaDiPoza Mon 18-May-20 08:08:51

No cheese sauce, melt butter

Brekkie depends on carbs in yog

Lunch 3 or 4 eggs

Dinner no cheese sauce do a creamy cauli masb

SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 08:29:54

I have around a stone to loose. I’ll have a look at the boot camp threads, thanks :-) this week is a bit of an experimental week just to get used to things and try different ideas ☺️ I’ll be stricter with it next week

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RainbowFlowers Mon 18-May-20 08:35:10

Are you going to have snacks in between the meals? I know I couldn't follow that without some snacks. Maybe carrot and celery snacks?

RainbowFlowers Mon 18-May-20 08:35:41


Siameasy Mon 18-May-20 09:38:43

Good luck. I used the Bootcamp and lost the weight and kept it off. Was just over a stone like you.

Didntwanttochangemyname Mon 18-May-20 10:17:15

Are you weighing everything when you enter it in to MFP? If not, then there is no point using it.

SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 13:28:11

Yes I am weighing everything

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SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 13:29:28

The omelette was gorgeous! Can’t beat melted sloppy cheese!! I remember this feeling from the first time I did low carb ... meat, cheese, fat ... what’s not to like?

Then by day 5 you’re craving a bowl of coco pops 😂

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Elouera Mon 18-May-20 13:40:15

You need 'carb manager' to accurately calculate your carbs. I used this on my phone, in conjunction with a set of scales, because otherwise I was underestimating how much I was having. I lost 11kg in about 4mths and found it great. SO many recipes online and some I still use now. Mashed cauli instead of potato and baked KFC type chicken coating is still a winner.

SquishyBones Mon 18-May-20 14:26:38

Ohhh how do you do mashed cauliflower?? Is it as simple as it sounds?

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Elouera Mon 18-May-20 15:16:04

Mashed cauli- you can steam it, BUT, I found this left a watery mash. I now bake either fresh or frozen cauli florets which dries it out somewhere. Keep an eye on it, because the smaller pieces tend to burn easily. It adds flavour, but will leave you with a slightly beige/brown mash rather than white. I tried drizzling in olive oil, but found this just made it burn quicker.

Once the cauli is cooked, I then used a hand held stick blender for a smooth result, and added either cream and/or butter, salt/pepper. I used the same method to make cauli rice, and then chopped the cauli finely after cooking.

I found SO many recipes for 'normal' things I'd eat. Just add 'keto' in front of it when doing a google search, and there will be keto alternative recipe that you can try.

Almond meal/flour is a great alternative to crumbs, and is really good for coating fish/chicken etc.

RibenaMonsoon Mon 18-May-20 16:09:10

I second cauliflower mash. Bloody delicious!

Also this recipe below is worth a go. It's my favourite keto recipe. So tasty and not a faff to make.

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